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General Discussion / Re: Slow starters (Players that came good....)
« Last post by jarv on Today at 03:03:27 PM »
Les Barrett started slow. He got lots of unfair abuse from the crowd, bloody useless etc..   He was only about 17... :54:
General Discussion / Re: Gentleman Jim and Seri
« Last post by KJS on Today at 03:01:51 PM »
I love Jim, have met him and know he bleeds black and white.

That said, listening again yesterday to the commentary from Jim on the Leicester game it was very obvious he has little time for Seri.  Jamie was constantly saying that Seri was having a good game but Jim rarely acknowledged it.  Also, every time Chambers did anything good Jim commented and mainly
commented on things Seri did wrong ignoring most of his good contributions.

I suspect Jim hoped, thought and expected Seri would give us more, I think most of us feel similarly but it still does mean he is a poor player.  I wonder if this contributes to Seris lack of popularity.

Perhaps GJ is a racist??
General Discussion / Re: Racism
« Last post by Neutral Zone Ultra on Today at 03:00:50 PM »
I have, sadly, seen mild cases of it on this board, including a thread titled ‘flog the frogs’ with regards to players who aren’t even French.

French is a race now is it. News to me
Alright then, xenophobia. Whatever it is, it isn't pleasant and has no place on this board or in football.
I would agree with this. On another thread this week it was no more french dwarfs.
Another thing I saw: "Kanté is a freak"

There was nothing racist about that post at all. The context of the author's post was that Kante is an incredible player despite his small stature.
Whether or not it was intended to be offensive or not, it still comes across badly, in the same way that I see a lot of people call Kamara a 'donkey', a term I've only ever seen applied to Romelu Lukaku.
General Discussion / Re: Gentleman Jim and Seri
« Last post by Woolly Mammoth on Today at 03:00:26 PM »
At the end of the day, the club and the manager have not got the luxery or time to indulge players in waiting for them to perform to the standards required. These players are getting paid more than enough to perform.
As each defeat goes by, we are another step closer to the trap door.
If players are not up to it for one reason or another, select players who will be.
That is why this January Window has to be successful in recruiting the right kind of players for the job of fighting for survival.
General Discussion / Re: Zambo should not play again
« Last post by Whitesideup on Today at 03:00:25 PM »
Seen enuf of him. Can’t tackle, can’t pass , no positional sense, no effort

The other options available may not be perfect but definately better than anguissa.

When i saw him in the starting 11 against Man utd, I knew the game was over as we would be run over in midfield.

Perhaps a blessing in disguise that he got sent off

There are multiple factors involved in an individual performance, and also in some (most?) cases players take a while to settle in and come into their own. Surely, just because he has had a few bad performances, he can still come good. Whether or not he will, only time will tell.

Instead of advocating for a player never to play again, we could put faith in that those who work with him every day can make the judgment on whether he should play or not. Next time (if there is any) he is involved I will of course cheer for him as always, since I will have to assume that the coaches actually wants to do what is best for the team.

Am I impressed by him so far? No, absolutely not. Am I ready to conclude that he will never be good enough? Of course not, that would be ridiculous based on the very small sample size we have seen. There are so many occasions where players have started out bad, but eventually become good.

Lastly, we also have the problem of who to play instead if Chambers is out. McDonald and Johansen have been equally unimpressive so far in my opinion, and I have seen so little of Cisse so that I have absolutely no clue. Only central midfield players that have so far showed that they might belong in the PL is Chambers, Seri and Cairney in my opinion.
  Good post Sting. I agree, and hope that the coaching staff can work on weaknesses, and develop strengths, so that Frank becomes a valuable premier league player. At 22 he is still young.
General Discussion / Re: Player recruitment and planning ahead
« Last post by jarv on Today at 02:59:28 PM »
I am sure all clubs in the bottom half have a plan in place, just in case the unthinkable happens. We get loads of tv games in USA and having seen other bottom 6 teams play, for the most part, they all look a bit rubbish. Lets hope Fulham is less rubbish than them.

I was at the Leicester game. They are top half (I think) and second half they were rubbish too. We wuz robbed.

Next 4 games are critical, all winnable games but West Ham is a bit of a worry.  Fingers crossed. 049:gif
General Discussion / Re: Racism
« Last post by Aiten place on Today at 02:57:09 PM »
When Darren Bent came back to Craven Cottage a few years back with Darby County I think it was, I can remember a fan shouting some abuse at him which I didn't mind until he's skin colour came into it.

This all happened in the Johnny Haynes stand, I like to think of the average Fulham fan to be a little more educated then the knuckle-dragging fools you see at other clubs so I was disappointed to see this.
Isn't he also one yellow away from missing a game? It was already over by half time so no point risking missing him against West Ham.

(Edit, just seen this has been mentioned further up!)
General Discussion / Re: Gentleman Jim and Seri
« Last post by humussapiens on Today at 02:50:34 PM »
1st half at Old Trafford both were IMO beyond hopeless - as a midfield pairing playing in front of the defence they could not have been less effective & their positional sense and awareness any worse. They weren't alone I know but the price tags will bring attention & expectation. Odoi cost comparitively little and he was awful - but there's a sense of people recognising he's not a premiership player. Seri I've said many times has talent - in a good side who are enjoying dominance in a game of football and playing further forward he would be a decent player - for a side struggling at the bottom of the league needing fighters and some savvy of the premier league and it's demands he's not at all what you want. Does he want to be here? Did he take the FFC option as the only one open to him to get away from Nice? Did he see FFC as a stepping stone? All up for discussion & debate. Will his performances improve as winter takes hold and his infamous painful toe condition worsens?? Doubtful. Is it Tony Khans fault - very probably. Anguissa however lacks so much it's embarrasing that we've spent allegedly close to £30 million for the bloke - no pace, no outstanding technical or passing ability, not exactly that dominant depsite his reasonable size, doesn't score goals, lacks defensive & positional awareness and I will categorically state there's a LOT better than him in the championship for an absolute fraction of the price ... well done Tony K and your stat based scouting brilliance.

Seri might be dissatisfied given the story on Nice - FFC transfer and alleged fee evasion... Agree he was good in first few games and than underperformed. But stats still show he is one of the team best. Could be that stats blinded our recruitment team or FFC just has a bad luck with the guy.
General Discussion / Re: Racism
« Last post by Woolly Mammoth on Today at 02:49:44 PM »
A friend of mine who has bright Red hair, was subject to racial abuse by a nasty Asian looking bloke outside Valley Parade Bradford City many moons ago. The guy called him a G inger Bread Man for no reason at all. .
I had never ever looked at my Red headed friend that way before. But ever since then, every time I have felt ravenous, I have advised him stay indoors, until my hunger passes.
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