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Re: US Pubs showing football: by City and State
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Cambridge, Mass

The Phoenix Landing
512 Mass Ave, Central Sq,
Cambridge MA
ph: 617-576-6260

Found this on the CC, though there was a comment about being a 'home' pub for Poo fans.

I've been here a few times. They show the majority of the PL matches and some European leagues. It's definitely a Liverpool bar, complete with signed kits hanging on the walls. Most people empty out as soon as the LFC match is over so you can enjoy watching Fulham without much grief. It's a good atmosphere! On the weekends it transforms into a sort of dance club at night. Sounds strange but it works and it's always a good time. I'd highly recommend going here. They have Pimm's!! Food's not great but, being in the heart of Cambridge, there are plenty of good restaurants close by.

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Re: US Pubs showing football: by City and State
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San Francisco, CA

Kezar Pub
770 Stanyan St.
San Francisco,
CA 94117,
Phone (415) 386-9292

Across from the former home of the 49ers (Kezar Stadium) in the Haight-Ashbury District, Kezar Pub brings together fans of local teams and international sports enthusiasts alike. A seemingly endless variety of beers and multiple televisions make fantasy football fans happy on Sundays, while European soccer and rugby matches can draw a crowd even at 5 am on a weekday. Pool, darts and video games keep the rest entertained, and other sports such as hockey, boxing, hurling, cricket and even wrestling secure airtime at Kezar. The regulars munch on burgers and fries, nachos, pork chops and Buffalo wings.


This list is probably woefully out of date. Due to the time differences, I think there are now a lot of US bars that show football (since it can draw even a small crowd during non-peak hours), and most others that I've been in will put it on if you ask for it, even if it's just one TV in the corner.

(During the Gold Cup last summer, I walked into an empty bar downtown, and the proprietor tried to upgrade his DirectTV subscription to pick up the channel showing the game.  I told him to save his money, as it was in Spanish on Unimas, and that was fine.  We had a great time.)

Anyways, in SF, I normally watch at the Kezar Pub on Stanyan, but there are lots of other places, especially in North Beach, where you can catch games.
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