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Friends of Fulham Advertising Policy
« on: August 15, 2016, 10:43:44 PM »
Policy & Guidelines for Advertising / Promoting with the Friends of Fulham Forum (FoF)

Looking to promote your FFC related social media outlet, i.e. blog, website or radio talk show through The Friends of Fulham Forum?  Brilliant.  Friends of Fulham welcomes any and all Advertising / promoting that adheres to The Friends of Forum ethics and Policy Guidelines. 

What can Friends of Fulham do for you in helping to promote your social media outlet? 
On average The Friends of Fulham Forum generates 25,000 page views per day. 
What does Friends of Fulham ask in return?
All we ask then is for you to follow and adhere in the following FoF Policy / Guidelines and to help in the promotion of content provided by The Friends of Fulham Forum. 

Friends of Fulham Policy / Guidelines
1.   Any Promoting and or Advertising must be preapproved by Friends of Fulham.
2.   Any use of The Friends of Fulham FoF Logo is strictly prohibited without prior written permission from Friends of Fulham. 
3.   That you look to reciprocate in the promoting of the FoF Forum.  How can you do this?
  • A.   Mention Friends of Fulham in your social media content every now and then
  • B.   Place a link back to the FoF Forum from your social media outlet's topic.
  • C.   Start a thread on the Friends of Fulham Forum discussing and promoting your topic, link that thread back to your social media outlet.
  • D.   Place a permanent Friends of Fulham FoF logo on your social media outlets website or imbed a social media feed linking back to The Friends of Fulham Forum.

Warning:  If at any time Friends of Fulham feel that it's policy / guidlines is being abused, or the forum is being spammed via your social media outlet or content, Friends of Fulham will reserve the right to remove any and all promotional content/links.  Friends of Fulham will not tolerate, permit or help to promote any content deemed inappropriate to Friends of Fulham.  Such content may pertain to but will not be limited to the likes of porn, politics or religion. 

That's it.

In return, we will give you permission to promote your content on the Friends of Fulham Forum and/or place a link to your social media outlet within your signature.  We will also help you, to the best of abilities, to promote your social media outlet and place a link within our links page.

If you have any specialist Advertisement requirements, then please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Friends of Fulham
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