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FoF Member Status Positions - Explained
« on: January 24, 2017, 12:23:53 PM »
Member status is tracked and attained by means of the number of post one contributes to the Friends of Fulham Board.  We understand the status positions seem random to some and to others to be generated by some complex logarithm that only Lord Kelvin or Albert Einstein could comprehend.  However, the truth is that the positions are given at various intervals as our way of either:

  • Taking the pee out of Fulhamish things e.g. Michael Jackson.
  • Celebrating certain club legends, alive or dead (Such as Jimmy Hill or the Maestro).
  • Our little way of honoring FOF members who have sadly passed away (such as Corked Hat, tjl, cebu and Finnster01) with the number being the number of posts they reached.

Along with a member’s status being given under their username one will also find several footballs.  There are two distinct footballs used, one being a traditional ball of colored panels and the other being a good old fashion leather ball.  Both of which come in a variety of colors starting on the light side of the color scale and then working their way towards the color black as the member’s post count continues to rise. 

Below is the current scale of positions used on the Friends of Fulham Forum. 

Name                             Footballs            Required Posts     
Jari LitmanenNone   0
Michael Jackson   1
Youth Academy   2
Lakey/Dark Room  22
tjl  99
Graham Leggat  280
Legend  1000
Jimmy Hill  1987
The Bard/Corked Hat  2797
cebu  3904
Gentleman Jim  5000
Finnster01  9739
Mr Fayed     10000
Moritz Volz  15000
Cliffy Dean  20000
Mornington Crescent  50000
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