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I see the moaners are now having a go at ticketing, guess that currently there is little else to moan about so that's always a good fallback, when the team does well tickets are normally in demand, something Fulham fans don't normally experience.  Remember the clammer for Hamburg tickets !

Anyway, here is my take on a few things.  Whilst we fail to sell out, I believe the neutral end has worked pretty well and it a somewhat unique feature of Craven Cottage, it's good that fans can sit together although I have to admit not something I would chose to do.  Anyone who needs a home end ticket, can get one in the home areas anyway.

For big teams coming to Fulham and big London derbys I see no problem giving them the whole Putney end.  They will pretty much buy it up anyway and that is not nice if you are one of only a handful of Fulham fans amongst  an army of away fans.  Giving them the whole away end means no need to waste seats by having a split area cordoned off. 

Filling the grounds with home and a decent away following creates a great atmosphere and I don't think it does anything but inspire the Fulham team and fans, Villa Leeds and Newcastle for instance virtually filled the Putney end and hardly dominated us on the pitch.

More of an issue to me is to develop the ground to create better acoustics, especially at the Hammersmith end.  Connect it to the Riverside stand and improve the roof layout for example.  Or better still re develop the whole 3 sides Putney, Riverside and Hammersmith end in a big connected 3 sided structure.

If we travel in greater numbers to away games, the club will ask for bigger allocations, the club is putting on cheap coaches and I am sure would like as much away support as possible.  Passionate away days are great fun and I wish I could do more.
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