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view from Bristol
« on: February 19, 2018, 10:49:16 AM »
Still smarting after their LEEDS outing, Bristol boards are light on Wednesday's game. I'm travelling all day tomorrow so I wanted to post something. I'll update before the game

Enough with the bitching about a couple of games that didn’t go our way, on to the next one and an opportunity to put it right (think we’d all have been delighted with 4 points from Leeds and Fulham).
Thankfully, our best defender is back and available, the defensive frailty and his absence are surely intertwined.
No Marlon, so what are we expecting? Brownhill into CM and Paterson starting, or perhaps Walsh into CM in a straight swap?
Fulham are in very impressive form, but so were we until we suddenly weren’t! They’re far from unbeatable, as we’ve already shown this season.
Two sides who look to play the right way at least, so should provide something to look forward to before we go and get lumps kicked out of us in Cardiff.
In theory we could be closer to 2nd than 7th come 10pm on Wednesday so let’s try and keep positive. It’s far from over.

" Bit of a must-win in a way. Not for points tally necessarily but to get the monkey off the back and get the fans and players believing.
Tough game especially without Pack, we’ll miss him."

" For me, starting XI would be:


Wright - Flint - Baker - Magnússon

Brownhill - Walsh - Smith - Bryan

Diedhiou - Reid
Only concern really is missing Pack. I wonder if Walsh and Smith are too similar."

" Can’t think of a worse two games to lose Pack for. But it is what it is. Hopefully someone else steps up. Desperately just need a win by any means possible to get some confidence back. "

" I know his form has dipped but no Joe Bryan?
And then you favour Eliasson (or Kent) ahead of Paterson who has contributed more assists and goals that either of the other wide players put together.
I hope this isn't the team.
i would like to see Brownhill for Pack and Pato brought back for his energy and creativity."

" Paterson has been well off the boil for some weeks now, as evidenced by LJ's decision to bench him yesterday. Offered us very little for a few games now.
Meant to put Bryan at LM, forgot he existed for a minute.
So would your midfield be:
Paterson - Brownhill - Smith - Kent?
Fear we'd get very little success with the wingers there, and I'd be terrified of Paterson in front of Wright against Ryan Sessegnon. Brownhill has to play RM for me."

"  I get what you’re saying . Make Fulham worry about us and put them on the back foot so we might need a marauding Patto!!
Hope we give em a good go  "

" Yes, sides like Wolves, Villa and Derby have more first class players than us, but I don't consider Fulham and Cardiff - or PNE and Blades - superiors. We have players that are not judgeable yet (Engvall,Eliasson,Diony,Walsh) and others that proved to be good in the first months of the season (Djuric,O'Dowda,Pisano): we're lacking rotation, because of injuries and judgements made by LJ on some players (understandable with players who arrived later like Diony, less understandable for players like Eliasson and Walsh, that could have freshened our midfield today).

"Fulham's side v Villa was (playing right to left so Fredericks as RB for example):


Fredericks Kalas Rearn Targett

Cairney McDonald Johansen

Ayite Mitrovic Sessegnon

A 4-4-2 v such a fluid side, who play with a midfield 3- could get really badly exposed IMO.

I'd go:


Wright Baker Flint Bryan

Brownhill Walsh Smith Kent



"  Factor in too us being outnumbered in the middle and Wright at Right back (not knocking him and he's been great but he is a CB by trade) and we'd have problems all over the pitch. We also played 4-4-2 v Fulham at home last fact by weird coincidence it was almost exactly a year before this game??"

" That was far too easy that night, Nobody got near Cairney."

" Remember it well- will be an interesting barometer as clearly we've improved on a year ago massively overall, but to compare these 2 games will be a good litmus test IMO. See what we've learnt, what possible frailties remain etc.
A suicidal pass from Matthews for their 2nd sticks in the mind."

" Okay, the bubble has burst. I don't think we have it in us to challenge this year. It's been a very fun holiday in the top six but it will end soon. Fulham, Villa and Derby are rampaging now and unfortunately we've started to bottle games.

Yet, before we start to all pull our hair out, this really isn't the end of the world. We have still had a very good season indicative of good progress. If anything, we aren't ready for the Prem just now. We need more signings for depth and for our promising young players to develop. They will learn from the last few weeks. I would have killed to be in this situation last time last year, where I celebrated draws like they were wins. However, don't let this little slump get you down too much. We are a club on the up who are finally starting to get attention for what we can do, and we have proved this against some of the biggest teams in the world. Our reputation for being able to develop promising young prospects is growing, when even a few years so we were never considered in this fashion.
Once that Wolves winner went in at the Gate, I knew we would have to remain patient to get to the promised land. We are still in a position off the field that the other teams in the league are becoming increasingly envious of. Sure, some might leave, yet we aren't supposed  to get too sentimental about individual players as that's just how football is.
Anyone furious about our current situation needs a nice dose of perspective. This is the best we have been in a decade, and perhaps we have become too entitled towards assuming we are the best thing since sliced bread. I have faith in the team and staff that they will learn from this and we will finally establish ourselves as a respectable team in this division, which as a younger fan I've never really seen before. We have come so far and it would be such a shame to ditch it all now during a poor spell"

" Perspective? We were 2nd in the league and a win for sheff Utd could tske us out of the top 6.
January window the board and manager have let us down."

" We are a “glass jaw” team! Have been for several years.
It is a trait which needs to be sorted. I think LJ is a good manager but tactics are questionable at the moment. He needs to try to kill these games off when 2-0, 3-0 up."

" Good to see Fulham close to us. Significantly Cardiff, Villa, Derby are all low in that table. They know how to manage games, see them out. Fulham and City probably play the more attractive football but they overlook the boring part. Maybe that is just it; you can get one part right but not the other unless you are truly a great team.
No real surprise then that the two managers known for their rather route one football, Cardiff and Boro, are right down the bottom of that table. Perhaps Pulis is not entirely responsible for Boro though given his short tenure."

" Agree with your analysis. We've average for the division at defending a lead, but as a top six team that's not good enough."

"I'm sure that most of us would be delighted at sixth place .
Seventh however would look like failure after having spent two thirds of the season in a play off spot and that is what is causing concern .
Win against Fulham , Cardiff and Preston and we should make the playoffs but we must be outsiders on current form."

" Pack is out for two games. On what we have seen of Walsh so far, playing him against Fulham or Cardiff would be a massive gamble/risk.
The nearest player to Pack in style (and size) has got to be GO'N, plus he has the experience for what are likely to be our 2 season-defining fixtures. If he is fit enough to play 60 mins, he has to start."

" The Fulham loanie, whatshisface, i assume impresses in training above and beyond all others. How else does he get a run out? His performances in Failand must be mesmerising. "
He isnt eligible..woodward is the name. What a bust he turned out to be"

"  Some of the overreactions on here tonight astonishing.
I'd also add that as we've just dropped points to teams out of form, given Fulham and Cardiff are in top form we'll probably hammer both?!"

"        Fielding

Wright flint Baker Bryan


     Brownhill. Reid

Kent.                  Paterson



Been saying this for a while. Let's get our wingers higher up the pitch. Pato and Kent are forwards. Reid is still as much a midfielder as he is a forward imo. He has been immense there the fee times he has played there this season. If anything up front he is not getting many chances and playing a deeper role could allow him to drift into the box like lampard. Really think it suits our players we have for this system.

"  I am getting frustrated with the ‘It’ll make a big difference when X is back’ ideology. In the meantime games are coming thick and fast, we aren’t picking up too many points, and still the occasional injury/ban is happened upon. Also, a lot of our remaining injuries are longer term ones, so when they do get back in the match day squad and up to speed we could be another month down the line...hey ho. Let’s hope everybody comes back like Fammy!!!"

" Some of our fans expect the impossible
It was like this a decade or so ago when we were up there and the 'divine right' for prootion because we have money rears it's ugly head
We're doing well, we're in a great position and have progressed massively from last year.
Even the most blinkered supporter must see that
So we appear to be going through a 'rough patch'? was always likely after our cup exploits and will take time to settle.
I'm really failing to see what the issue is?"

" we are a mid-table team heading full on in that direction, it's always better to rise to that position than drop to it!"

" We are a good enough team to finish in the playoffs, but something seriously goes wrong during the halftime break because we come out like a bottom 6 side and start hoofing it around and Flint starts to play up front leaving us exposed at the back reliant on Magnússon who isn't strong enough and Wright who would rather get the wrong side and go into the book."

" Have I missed something.....has the season ended ?"

I'll update as and when

Okay, so since I’ve started these, Derby, Sunderland and Leeds, what results have they produced? 0-0, 3-3 and 2-2.
Guessing we’d like a win tomorrow, so hoping past performance is no guide to future performance.
Below is the Fulham side from Saturday’s 2-0 home win v Villa.  The GK and back 4 was the same v Bolton away (1-1)

     Sessegnon                                                            Ayite

                                 McDonald                      Johansen

Target                    Ream                            Kalas                Fredricks

GK: Bettinelli - supposedly a summer target for us.  For me he’s on a list that I think is erratic (Camp and Wiedwald in previous games).  In fairness he’s the ‘shot stopper’ type, but not a great handler from a tech perspective.

RB: Fredericks - and as fast as his namesake Frankie.  I’m probably one of the few on here who thought he did ok for us (and I loved Little).  He was made for Cotts’s 352, but glass chin if rumour is true.  He can hurt us tomorrow, if we allow him to link up with Ayite or Piazon.

LB: Targett - Southampton loanee.  Tidy as left backs go, and we’ll suited to Fulham’s pass and move.  Not the greatest defensively.

CB: Ream - Ex-Bolton.  Not someone who’s ever been on my radar for anything other than being average.  Watch him have a blinder tomorrow!

CB: Kalas - Chelsea loanee. Not really seen much of him to add anything of note.

CM: McDonald - a very underrated player who will want to get on the ball and dictate play.  Good off either foot, and can keep it simple.  Potential for lack of discipline in his play if really pressured or not having it his own way.

CM: Johansen - alongside McD, he is the more box-to-box, great energy, lovely on the ball.  Would get more plaudits if Cairney wasn’t there.

RF: Ayite - explosive wide man who is not your typical ‘press his head down and watch him run".  He is more a give it and go wideman that fits Fulham’s passers, and will undoubtedly look to get in round the back for balls in behind our LB (or RB if he plays left....especially against Bailey).  Might play Piazon away from home, who’s more of a right midfielder.  Technically very good, but not the pace or workrate of Ayite.

AM: Cairney - didn’t realise he is now 28.  Probably my most liked opposition player in the league.  Sweet left foot...can pass through the eye of a needle.  With McDonald and Johansen they make as good a middle 3 as you get (inc Wolves)

LF: Sessegnon - Fulham’s own LBeho might be better playing advanced.  This boy is Premier-bound, possibly with Fulham.  Of the 15 games he’s played from LF....he’s got 10 goals.  Hope he’s playing LB.

CF: Mitrovic - fiery ex-Toon striker.  Good back to goal, ball at his feet, but also a strong presence for crossed balls either along the floor or in the air.  Good mover and finisher inside the box....but not mobile.  Like Lasoggo, need to keep him outside the 18 yard box.

Others who might start:

CM: Norwood - good player, very good set-pieces.  A player who I think would do well in City’s team.

Can’t see Odoi or Kamara (Bailey’s mate) starting tomorrow.


Well we know they pass and pass, but have added goals / clinical finishing to their game.  The form team.  Like to get their wide forwards in behind your full-backs.
How do we beat them:
I’m not sure whether we match them up or try to play our game, and use our strengths to exploit their weaknesses.  Sounds like Brownhill is fit, so I think he’ll partner Smith in CM.  Having thought some more tonight I think I’d go:


Wright, Flint, Baker, Magnússon;

Kent, Brownhill, Smith, Bryan;


No Diedhiou you may ask? I think he needs to be an impact player tomorrow, 20-30 minutes.  We are gonna spend time without the ball, and I’d rather have Reid and Pato closing down that Famara.  Pato owes us a performance. We will have a physical presence from Mags throw-ins.
Without the ball, Pato can either make the 5 in midfield, or it could be a more 433 with Brownhill, Smith and Bryan being a narrow 3.
If Brownhill not fit, then Walsh comes in."

" Walsh & Kent starting would be a worry for me especially up against Sessegnon on that side. Bailey Wright could have his work cut out for him at right back!
Without Pack & Brownhill, we suddenly look very light in midfield, as all the experienced options (GO'N & Hegeler) are injured. You could move Bryan central & Walsh out on the left, but I can't see LJ doing that."

" My worry is...........Wright, Kent v Sessegnon...
Accident waiting to happen..."

" Don’t worry about Wright, he’s played against Sane and Martial this season. Sessegnon isn’t on their level...yet!
If Brownhills injured, id put Kent right mid, have Bryan and Smith in the middle and Paterson on the left.
Bryan looked decent in centre midfield the couple of times he’s played there & got a good leap on him so hopefully wins just as many headers as Pack does when he’s in there.
Famara & Reid up top. They work well together. "

" Our best form came with our patched up team and Reid as a lone striker. That's why I'm convinced 3.5.2 suits us best. Keeps that five Man midfield. Brownhill Pack and Smith were outstanding at craven cottage. "

" gree. I was at Craven Cottage earlier this season too, and we were extremely organised that night, whilst being fluid/lively in our attacks. With our 5 in Midfield we flooded the middle of the pitch, meaning that Fulham really struggled to get a strangle hold of the game. Their only outlets were out wide most of the time, which we figured out quickly, enabling our full backs to stay compact snuffing out potential danger, and not allowing them any space in behind.
What I'd give for this performance on Wednesday night!"

" Regardless of player selection and formation we'll be 12th man on the field, creating that special night game cauldron atmosphere (as against Man U, Swindon, Gas) as we can do, will be vital.  Fair play to Leeds fans, they did that 2nd half and it made a difference but we have done and can do better.  Hoping also for the right tunnel music at full volume."

"I love your optimism, Man U aside I can’t remember this ‘cauldron’ atmosphere you describe! Our cauldron appears lukewarm at best rather then boiling!"

" They will destroy us. Not got a good feeling against this lot without Pack. We need 5 in midfield. We concede goals anyway so don't understand why we don't play 3.5.2"

" Hate to say it but would happily take a point against this lot"

"  How I wish we’d shipped Little off to Fulham and kept Fredericks! He’s a class act.
A real, real test of our mettle tonight. They’re a superb side in excellent form and will be brimming with confidence. "

" Bristol City head coach Lee Johnson has called on the fact to make Ashton Gate 'cauldron like' when we host Fulham on Wednesday evening.
With City again losing a multiple goal lead for a second week running, Fulham come into the tie extremely high on confidence following a two nil victory over then second placed Aston Villa to extend their unbeaten run to ten games.
With their record at our ground not seeing them lose since 1990, Johnson knows we need to be firing on all fronts in the game to get ourselves back to winning ways and that includes another fantastic effort from the home faithful.
Speaking to the Official Site as he met with the media today for his pre game press conference ahead of Wednesday's kick off, Johnson explained.
'It`s obviously really important that we make it a real Ashton Gate atmosphere, against probably one of the best footballing sides in the division. We had a great result, a great performance away from home at Fulham but we do need the fans. It`s important they don`t get frustrated or get on the players' backs - which I know they won`t - because I think they`re enjoying the way that the players are playing.'
Having taken a two nil victory earlier in the season in the reverse fixture in October, goals from Bobby Reid and Korey Smith won us the points and referencing the history books, there is a marked line as at Craven Cottage we have won the last four, so Johnson is hoping to rebalance our home form now.
In terms of team news ahead of the game, Nathan Baker returns to contention following his three game suspension and Johnson is hoping Josh Brownhill will shake off his calf injury and come into his consideration.
We are however without Marlon Pack who begins his automatic two game ban for ten yellow cards and Cauley Woodrow is unavailable to face his parent club owing to the terms of his loan agreement with us."

" We've been upmongst the play offs all year and have had a cup run beyond anyone's imaginations. Yet our manager has to come out and get the fans up for it.
Im actually hoping the last couple of results will make fans realise we're in a fight here and nothing's garunteed. I think lately we've been turning up and expecting wins. Which is a credit to the players that our expectations are so high.
Everyone knows what a big game tomorrow is and Ashton Gate under the lights is an unbelievable place when it wants to be! Hoping for a massive atmosphere tomorrow. The fact that everyone knows it's a tough game will hopefully help the atmosphere!
Lets do our best guys!! Get behind the boys! "

" Big atmosphere tomorrow could be a genuine game-changer. The Leeds crowd seemed to have a big impact on Sunday, they picked up and the game turned. Our turn, COYR."

" Win, lose or draw, we have 14 “cup finals” left now to secure a top 6 place.
It wont be easy and we face some tough competition from those around us, but we’ve don’t very well to be where we are and it’s in our hands. The crowd need to forget the complacency of the last couple of Home games and realise that they have a massive part to play.
Is everyone ready for the run in..? Bring it on..! "

" Judging by 90% of our home crowd at games, no they aren't. Everyone is well up for clapping and making stupid noises when we get a throw in on the halfway line, though. So there's that..."

" Atmosphere has been dire all season. Team are over achieving and IMO about time we stepped up. Look at the difference it made to Leeds."

" I ’ll get flamed for this but I think it’s because we’ve become very entitled as a fan base. The whole ‘come on Lansdown, get the cheque book out’ mentality, like we’re owed something.
We’ve not been out of the top six all season pretty much and there’s fans going into absolute meltdown because we’ve drawn a couple of games FFS. "

" ‘Drawn a couple of games’!! From positions like 3-0 & 2-0 up.......think most are just going through the motions of seeing out the season and not achieving a play off place. Which on current form is fact!!"

" Bollocks to it, tomorrow I'm gonna be up and down and shout my ******* face off. Anyone around me that that displeases can shove it up their tight, white bread arsehole."

" My view on the atmosphere at the's a difficult one.
I've noticed when a chant goes up of 'Cmon you Reds'...much of the ground joins in. It can be very rousing and gets everyone chanting.
When 'song's start up about the Gas and Hörður, it becomes localised and like 'white noise'. Just inane...
I think S82 do a fine effort in making noise...but I'm not sure about an atmosphere that the whole ground wants to join in with.
I however applaud their efforts, as one who sits quietly studying the game...I do shout and support with 'Cmon you reds etc' can't be easy for anyone in that section trying to support the team when you have what looks like an army of Stewards and Police around you in an intimidating fashion.
No wonder the away support often seems intimidation at all.
Well done to everyone who gives it a go...but please more support for the team, rather than songs about Gas and just for the sake of it stuff ;-)"

" You could say that most people need more alcohol to sing freely, but with the cost of tickets and the cost of a few pints, it is too expensive.
If I'm at a game sober as a judge, which is always the case, I don't feel inclined to sing but I will cheer and shout when possible.
A bit more alcohol in the system and then the inhibitions drop.
The price of football could partially be to blame."

" By saying the fans against Fulham, the manager is just trying to deflect the recent events away from his players and himself and put the onus on us for getting them playing tomorrow!
Then he can blame us if it's a quiet evening and we don't win. Very clever isn't he?"

"Well if there was anyone on here who could write a negative post about a call to arms it just had to be you!
Negatiie, negative, negative blah blah blah
Just give it a rest yea?
I will predict this -
We lose to Fulham and you will be on here, thread after thread of negativity.
We beat Fulham and you will not have anything to say (unless its negative).
Just saying.... "

" A bit mixed on this one. I think it is a bit overdone about how poor the atmosphere is at our home games. Watch practically any live Championship game on Sky (and I do, i love watching the Championship more than any other football) and you WILL hear "Is this a library?.   "Your support is (rather) bad" "your ground's too big   etc etc  or something similar aimed at practically every home team. People will have a different view, but i don't think the atmo or lack of it has cost us anything this season. Don't forget too, that Leeds got loud later, but they were openly taking the piss out of their own players for an hour or so. So it could be said that they got back into the game WITHOUT the help of the fans Not good, if you ask me."

" You spend anytime on other clubs' forums and you see "atmosphere" threads bemoaning the sterile, bland crowds across the country and all divisions (with a couple of notable exceptions, and one deluded example not a million miles from us here).
Every set of fans interested in atmosphere will say they prefer going away because the togetherness and singing is so much better. You see and hear this said all the time.
It is generally accepted and widely reported around football in this country that post-Hillsbrough and since the advent of all-seater stadia and the PL, with more middle-class supporters and women/families attending, the atmosphere is poor in comparison to the "glory days" (ie, the days when football was cheap, crowds were stood and younger, violence was rife, racism was widespread and audible, facilities were dire/non-existant, phones were at home or in a red box on the pavement not in your hand distracting you, and live football was exciting because there was three live games a season on telly).
This is nothing new.
And yet here we are berating and flagellating ourselves for being pretty much the same as the majority of crowds around the country the majority of the time in 2018. Because we witnessed Leeds fans making a noise as they retrieved a two goal deficit."

" Surely Liam has to play on Wed. With pack suspended he has to play . We need to see if he is worth the reported one million we played for him or is just going to be a bench warmer. "
 "The bloke wasn’t brought in with just this season in mind, surely you can see that?
Hes another for the future next couple of seasons "

" As long as he can cut out the silly mistakes that nearly gave away goals against Norwich, and by a team like Fulham, who are very much on form, will be converted.
My other worry is that he may be skilful but he doesn't have the strength to play centre midfield. Against Norwich, Walsh & Marlon together got over run, in a way I can imagine Walsh & Korey would be as well.
Sorry but if GO'N can start, he should against both Fulham & Cardiff. 2 of our toughest games of the season mean that we need to set up with our strongest, most experienced players in central midfield."

" Results went against us tonight,there are four sides waiting to pounce.
Time for our boys to start putting some wins away."

" tomorrow at this time we will have a level playing field ................................... with us in 5th or 6th but 4 teams vying for that one place ...........
4 behind us all hoping to finish at least in 6th"

" The gap has definitely closed. We need at least 4 points from the next 2 games to re-assert ourselves. The last 2 draws and 4 lost points and goal difference have really hurt the cushion we had"

" They way our results have gone so far in 2018 I'm surprised we're still in the top 6, anyways no reason why we can't win tomorrow and I think we'll get back to winning ways against Fulham"


" Guessing he won't be available Wednesday against his parent club ?
Some good news, then."

" Would have thought that if Fulham have any sense they'll allow us to play him..."

" Absolutely gutting for Fulham that he's unable to play on Wednesday."

" Constantly running in treacle.
He really is ******* poo. I've seen enough."

" Pointless thread, we had no possession second half, the lad had no chance to make an impact.

" He’s such a waste of money. It’s a bit of a concern that we have Diony but Woodrow is preferred over him... we wasted the January window if Diony doesn’t step up. We needed a striker and RB that we’re ready to step in. We didn’t sign a RB and the striker we’ve signed looks as though he won’t ever start a bloody game... "

" Woodrow a baffling signing. Why did we think of signing such an average player who Fulham were desperate to move on?"

"He came to us hoping to improve / put himself in the shop window and potentially gain a contract. He has seen our signings since, has hardly started or come on as sub so knows he has no future here. So not sure what kind of performance you would expect from him, I think I'd even be tempted to just dial it in. Shame as earlier in the season when he came on there were glimpses of a good player, but hey, not all things work out "

That's it for this week

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Re: view from Bristol
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Makes you wonder if the plan is to kick Tom's legs and ankles as much as possible. 

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Re: view from Bristol
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sides like Wolves, Villa and Derby have more first class players than us, but I don't consider Fulham and Cardiff - or PNE and Blades - superiors.

Wow what an ignorant comment.

After months of almost universal agreement from all fans and pundits that we, along with Wolves, are in a league of our own once we get going (much like this time last year) it's odd to read something like that from another team's fans.

I can almost forgive it... purely on the basis that both this season and last season our performances against them at the cottage have been our worst of the season by some distance. I suppose they're bound to judge us on that.

But surely they can look at our other match reports and realise that if we play to our average level we will absolutely steamroller simple little football league teams like them.
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Re: view from Bristol
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sides like Wolves, Villa and Derby have more first class players than us, but I don't consider Fulham and Cardiff - or PNE and Blades - superiors.

Wow what an ignorant comment.

After months of almost universal agreement from all fans and pundits that we, along with Wolves, are in a league of our own once we get going (much like this time last year) it's odd to read something like that from another team's fans.

I can almost forgive it... purely on the basis that both this season and last season our performances against them at the cottage have been our worst of the season by some distance.


But surely they can look at our other match reports and realise that if we play to our average level we will absolutely steamroller simple little football league teams like them.

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Re: view from Bristol
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sides like Wolves, Villa and Derby have more first class players than us, but I don't consider Fulham and Cardiff - or PNE and Blades - superiors.

Wow what an ignorant comment.

After months of almost universal agreement from all fans and pundits that we, along with Wolves, are in a league of our own once we get going (much like this time last year) it's odd to read something like that from another team's fans.

I can almost forgive it... purely on the basis that both this season and last season our performances against them at the cottage have been our worst of the season by some distance.

But surely they can look at our other match reports and realise that if we play to our average level we will absolutely steamroller simple little football league teams like them.

Agreed. But our performance this year was spoilt by the despicable play-acting that got Kamara sent off. We were getting back into the game and we were definitely getting stronger.  We can never tell whether we could have scored to then put them under some kind of pressure.  So that game is hard to judge.

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Re: view from Bristol
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The home game,yeh they beat us.
It's a different game tomorrow Bristol!!

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Re: view from Bristol
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They’ve beaten us the last 3 times at the cottage in the league IIRC.

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Re: view from Bristol
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Re: view from Bristol
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Have to admit I laughed at the last few comments about Woodrow.

" Absolutely gutting for Fulham that he's unable to play on Wednesday."

It is incredible, in my opinion, that he's still playing at this level.