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Nigel Negative and Michael Miserable Interview
« on: June 13, 2018, 01:38:25 PM »
Q:   So Nigel and Mike, How do you see us fairing this coming season
N:   Terrible
M:   Personally I wish we hadn't been promoted, we could be playing Stoke, Villa and Derby and probably struggle

Q:   Can you elaborate
N:   What does that mean, If it's what I think, it's none of your business. Sell Fonte
M:   Same as him, but much worser.

Q:   So what do you think are our weaknesses
N:   The players, the management, the ground, the supporters, the owner, hard seats, tippy-tappyness, the pies
M:   Not enough hoof ball, bring in Mark Fotheringham to shore up the midfield

Q:    Strengths:
N:    Fredericks can run fast
M:    We sold him, idiiot
N:    Who to
M:    I dunno, don't call me an idiot.
N:      I didn't, you called me an idiot

Q:     What do you think of the recruitment policy
N:     I never watch television, but the wife likes anything to do with dwarfs, wedding dresses, buying rubbish and re-painting it
        and flipping houses
M:     So does mine, except things are different these days
N:     This burger is awful
M:     You haven't tasted it yet
N:      That's why

Q:     Back to football, can you name some teams we really should beat.
N:     I can't think of one, except Huddersfield and QPR
M:     I dunno Nige, QPR will be difficult

Q:     What do you think of the K situation.
N:     I told you, I never watch television
M:     Yes you do, we watched Rag, Tag and Bobtail on Dave the other day, you remember a couple of weeks ago, we were playing
         at Wembley and didn't think it worth bothering.
N:      I don't remember that, what was it about

Q:      What do you think of Ryan Sessegnon, should we sell him.
N:      Who, oh yea that young kid, he should score more goals like his brother
M:      I like him, he has nice legs and a a cute bottom
N:      You're thinking of that geezer down the pub
M:      Which pub
N:       The one in Shepherds Bush
M:       I've never been there
N:       You have, The South Africa Legs

Q:       Are you both season ticket holders
N:        Nige is
M:       You're Nige
N:        No I'm not
Q:       What a season ticket holder or Nige
M:       Who are you talking to
Q:       I'm not sure

Q:  Who was your favorite player last season
N:         It has to be Chris Martin
M:         Nah, Aluko
N:         We sold him

Q:          Thank you both, this is me, Anne Brisquit, it's the first time I've interviewed people in Wormwood Scrubs

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Re: Nigel Negative and Michael Miserable Interview
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2018, 01:58:43 PM »
That is great. U shud defo should come down to kingston (meet u in da Nandos) for bants and that. Every1 down centz mag prob elan hector weso!