Author Topic: I got an email yesterday regarding Fulham players at JD Sports Oxford Street  (Read 673 times)

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Although we live in Milton Keynes my wife and I said we would take the train to London and go to Oxford Street.

My wife said that it would be busy in London due to Donald Trumps visit and demonstrations.

We did not go in the end we took a trip on the bus to City of Oxford.

When we got back home and went on my computer I found an email from Fulham saying that the Fulham players would not be appearing at JD Sports due to fact that it would be busy in the West End of London.The email was sent at 13.20

Did anyone else go to the West End to see the Fulham players non appearances.

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I saw that they'd put a statement on the offal that it'd been cancelled. With the Trump visit and the crowds, it's probably not a bad idea.

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As someone who delivers around central London every day, busy was an understatement it was bedlam. Then I went out towards Chelsea and bumped into ivanas cavalcade.

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Bit of an odd move by the club. It was announced late by the club, by which time; a simple google search would have told you the amount of protests that were being held. Even if there were no protests, an American political visit involving the queen was always going to be a big deal.
And since when do we do shop visits? Surely the usual cottage shop event is enough if it's marketed properly. Honest question; do best players of other teams appear in high street shops too?

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Visits to London and places like Oxford Street with crowds and traffic get less and less attractive as time goes by.