Author Topic: Have we ever introduced ourselves?  (Read 78666 times)

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Re: Have we ever introduced ourselves?
« Reply #345 on: August 05, 2017, 02:29:24 AM »
Hi all!

I'm a longtime fan of Fulham, but it wasn't until last year that I "declared" it. You see I've always followed players, and never really liked any particular club. Being from the United States, seeing the likes of McBride join Fulham, it was not hard to enjoy watching his progress. Then Bocanegra, and finally, and probably a cliche', but Clint Dempsey. Truth is I was a Dempsey fan since his Furman days. I messaged him on myspace when he joined New England Revs and he messaged me back: "If you don't grind, you don't shine..." can't make that up.

Anyway, after Deuce left, and now only being able to follow my own home team (Sporting KC, MLS), I really wanted to focus on a club to follow. A club I truly loved. I had to follow my gut, and that led me to Fulham. Truth be told, last year, I had no idea who the players were. It didn't take long though and now I know each of them, and how they play. I know Chris Martin was a lazy putz and Tom Cairney is a legend. I still get mad at David Button for trying to kick the ball down the pitch instead of boot it out of bounds when we played at Newcastle, and I find myself screaming obscentities, quickly followed by praises, at Sone Aluko.

Fulham is my club, the club I love, my beloved. FulhamFCTV made this all happen for me last year. I would pay any amount to watch this club. Maybe someday I'll be able to visit Craven Cottage as it's my on my bucket list.

Thanks for this site. This community. COYW!

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Re: Have we ever introduced ourselves?
« Reply #346 on: August 06, 2017, 03:08:06 AM »
Welcome Matt10.  It's always good to see another Yank on the board.  Like you I have love that Fulham have given so many Americans a chance at European Football. 

I'm in Atlanta and follow ATL United.  Great atmosphere going to their games, almost always sold out.  It's still not the same though as watching Fulham at the Cottage. 

Hope to see you on the board posting as often as possible. 



PS - you should join us in the FOF6 competition  049:gif   
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