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Fantasy kits for 2017-18 season

These are some electronic scribbles I’ve made.

With the end of the season approaching, I’m not going to think about the play-offs and a possible visit to Wembley, 1975 seams like yesterday!, I thought it might be fun to design some home and away kits.

I have no idea who the shirt sponsor will be next season so I’ve kept Visit Florida.

the home shirts will obviously be mainly white, I hope orange will be avoided at all costs

this home shirt has a nod to the early 90’s       

this home shirt has a nod to the 2007-08 season shirt


the first couple are less traditional Fulham colours

this has a nod to the 1999-2000 season away shirt

this to early 90’s 3rd kits

this has a nod to the 2000’s black away kits

these are a nod to the 94-96 and 2008-09 away kits

these are a nod to the 93-94, 2001-02 and 2007-08 away kits

Fantasy Fulham Kits – 2013/14 season

We’ve signed a “long-term” deal with Adidas, quite how long long-term is we’ll have to wait and see, the Kappa deal lated 3 seasons, before them Nike lasted the same while Airness only lasted one season (thank god). Puma supplied the kit from 2003 to 2006, with Adidas supplying the kit from 98-99 until 2002-03, so we could look forward to the next 5 or 6 seasons wearing 3 stripes?

I’ve put together a set of fantasy Fulham kits for the forthcoming 13/14 season.

It looks like FxPro won’t be on our shirts this time as theres a rumour that Marathon Bet will be our shirt sponsor next season so I’ve used their logo, I have no idea if they will be our sponsor?

I’ve tried to give each shirt a “retro” look echoing some of our previous shirts:

echo's of 94-96 shirt

echo’s of the 94-96 shirt

pure white with highlights in red and black

pure white with highlights in red and black

remember the Danny at Portsmouth?

remember Danny at Portsmouth?

back to 2001-02

back to 2001-02

back to the early 90's

back to the early 90’s

simple (nearly) all black, reflections of the 05-06 Puma kit

simple (nearly) all black, reflections of the 05-06 Puma kit


All of these are pure fantasy and I have no “inside”, or otherwise, info on what the new seasons kit will look like, probably nothing like these, these are all my own designs based on Adidas tempaltes


The View From South Texas: Fulham FC v. Norwich City

by HatterDon

I forgot that I had some volunterring to do shortly after the second half started, so this is as quick as I was able to get this report up. MAN, it’s nice to be doing match reports again.

Nice Day for a Stroll

Bathed in warm summer sunshine, Fulham fought off that “at the beach” feeling to demolish a very poor Norwich side 5-0. The goals went to Petrić, Duff, Petrić, Kacaniklic, and Sidwell (penalty). Schwarzer enjoyed his 141st Premier League clean sheet, and if he had an easier one, at his age he probably can’t remember it.


How poor were Norwich? Very poor. They were easily bossed around in midfield, toothless in attack, and their chief defensive tactic appeared to be maintaining a high line, and then turning and watching Fulham attackers hare towards goal. If England manager Roy Hodgson came to the Cottage to watch Ruddy and Holt, he certainly went away disappointed. Holt commanded some airspace, but did nothing with it, and Ruddy confirmed the absolute truth of England’s weakness in goal. If he can be capped and considered to be part of England’s future, then England is in serious trouble. I’m sure, by the way, that Hodgson didn’t come to watch Fulham, as there wasn’t an Englishman in sight all day until Sidwell came on – as the third substitute – with about seven minutes left. He didn’t have time to do much, but dispatched his penalty very well.


How good were Fulham? Perhaps the better question would be “how aggressive were Fulham.” Fulham took control of the game shortly after kickoff and maintained that control for 90+ minutes. Diarra, Dembélé, and Ruiz commanded the midfield so well that the back four and Tha Big Aussie had very little to do. I think Mark had to make two saves and, in his only action of the first half, fisted away a high cross. There were several players who caught my eye early and never allowed me to look away from them subsequently. Riise screamed down the left wing more in the first half today than he did in any month last season. His aggression and Special K’s trickiness caused Norwich no end of trouble in protecting their right flank. Ruiz still has good feet and a great pass on him, but he’s added something else this season: he is much quicker and is much more difficult to nudge off the ball. I think it’s fair to say that, based on what we saw today, Fulham will lean very heavily on Ruiz and Diarra – the latter playing as close to a perfect game as I’ve seen in many a moon.


And then there are the new guys. Petrić looks like the complete forward. He holds the ball well, distributes it well, defends very well in the box, nicks the ball smoothly and very much knows where the goal is. He more than earned his brace, and put more into the side than he took out of it. Riether surprised me early on with his pace. He attacks well up the right and his defensive positioning struck me as disciplined and knowledgeable. I think Kelly edges him defensively, but Riether is more of a complete player. Rodallega didn’t get much of a chance to do anything, coming on as he did in the 67th minute, but he didn’t look slow or indecisive, and that’s a good thing.


I was especially pleased to see Pajtim Kasami enter the fray. He didn’t perform as well as the man he replaced, but the man he replaced was Damien Duff, so that’s no shame. Let’s hope he doesn’t get buried again this season. He’s nowhere near the finished product, but he’s getting there. Closer to a finished product is Kacaniklic. He’s a legitimate left winger, a huge upgrade over the very good Kerim Frei, and he’s not afraid to take a crack. I didn’t see anything to criticize in his performance.


So, a good day for a walk in the park turned out to be a walk in the park. As usual, I haven’t read any reports or even looked at the other final scores, but I expect we’ll be top of the league at the end of the weekend. One swallow doesn’t make a summer, and today’s result against the side I figure to finish 20th doesn’t make us a behemoth, but we’ve often struggled or seemed to be happy with a 1-0 at home and a 0-0 on the road against teams like this. Today, we went for the throat from the off, and ripped at it time and again. In the last 7 or 8 seasons, I’ve seen Fulham play “the perfect game” twice in the Premier League – that is (1) making no serious mistakes and (2) everything we tried to do worked. This was true at the Cottage at home to QPR last season. It was true today.


There were entirely too many stellar performances on the pitch today to award a single player man of the match, so Hatter Don’s Man of the Match goes to the man who chose the squad and put the 14 players out on the pitch. Martin Jol; well done that man.