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orient game- the good and bad

by Danniboi

First of all anyone who saw the score and were gutted to miss out, trust me it was certainly not a 5 goal thriller. But it was enjoyable none the less to see 4 young men make their professional debuts and do us proud. And what better way to start but talking about them.

Sess and Adeniran are a class above Edun and De la Torre. Physically strong and big enough to compete now IMO, everyone hypes up Sess and rightly so, he does the simple things with ease and plays like a fullback with years of experience. But for me Adeniran was just as special last night. He protected the defence so well and over powered the orient midfield and they were not small either. In fact Parker and Ade were so in control that it only became noticeable when Ade went off with a knock and Tunni came on. We started to become bullied and it was no coincidence both goals conceded came after Ade went off and were both towering headers.

Edun was tidy but drifted in and out of the game. He linked up well with Sess on the left but not sure he affected the game enough to be considered for the first team. De la torre IMO was not good enough. Physically much weaker than the other 3 and with no end product. For his debut and at his age I’m certainly not writing him off as he showed glimpses of magic dribbling with the ball Robertsesque but the game passed him by and he fizzled out. Joka was right to sub him.

Onto the senior players, whilst the youngsters showed promise the senior players proved why they didn’t start on Friday. Stearman and Ream were OK when it was easy but once Ade went off and orient lumped it into the box we looked physically weak and unorganised. You just can’t underestimate how much better madl and Kalas are. And this was league two opposition who being bluntly honest, were woeful.

Considering Kavanagh was right back he had his best game for us but even then he is nowhere near the standard required. Physically he is like a 10 year old and it showed when he was flattened when jumping for their second headed goal.

Jorenen not good enough yet, needs a loan. He had very little to do and I haven’t seen replays yet but I thought he should have come for both crosses that they scored from and the first he came half way and ended up in no mans land. Then he tried to catch or punch a third cross and ended up missing it completely resulting in Kav clearing off the line. He has potential but is certainly the number 3.

LVC huffed And puffed but with little end product. Although in his defence at times it seemed where he was our only chance of breaking through and tried a little too much. Again good impact sub but not better than those who started.

Woodrow and this will shock many but IMO he was very poor. He scored 2 world class goals so it seems strange to knock him but his touch was shocking when his back was to goal. Picture Zamora take it down on his chest and bringing runners into play. Instead the ball bounced off of Woodrow and although a good squad player he is not the answer so many think he’s worthy of the chance to be. We need two strikers because we are very short on quality.

Parker was the only one who showed his experience and qualities. I’d be tempted to start him over Tunnicliffe who isn’t good enough. IMO Adeniran looked more disciplined, quicker and better. Going back to Ade and his goal. Shame on the ref and shame on the FA for such a stupid rule for celebrating a goal. This lad is 18 making his pro debut and scored. He didn’t jump into the crowd or take his shirt off. His Dad was in the front row and he hugged him resulting in many fans and half the team jumping into a group hug. Parker like the good captain he is was straight in the refs ear to explain and get Ade off the hook but the ref booked him which was pathetic. But then even more impressively despite being eagar Ade showed fantastic maturity and discipline to avoid risking a second yellow, in fact I dont even remember him giving away a foul. There was one incident where Ade shoulder barged their big centre forward and he went flying, the same guy who bullied Stearman and Ream a couple of times.

I will finish on the manager. He never sat down once, he stands on the edge of his technical area and his presence was very commanding. He is certainly the boss but at the same time the players looked like they were having fun. IMO he could well go onto be our greatest manager. I don’t remember a manager standing with such a profound and commanding presence as Joka. And ultimately I can’t see Craig Kline or Rigg winning if Joka wants his way.

Others may not agree but there was little coverage of the match from what Ive heard so thought I’d give a little analysis. Onwards and upwards