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Title: Canada v USA
Post by: YankeeJim on June 04, 2012, 04:18:38 AM

On the positive side:
Herculez Gomez seems to be a good striker to rotate with Jozy. His work rate is quite good and he seems to know what to do with the ball in the box.
Dempsey can be a nuisance to the other side even without service and when disinterested as he was tonight.
Clarence Goodson seems to be the replacement for Onyewu. I'd worry about him against power strikers but he seems to know where he should be.
Michael Bradley is a quality player even when out of position.
Dolo is  a smart, quality right back.
Torrez should contribute against certain teams & delivers a decent dead ball.
Tim Howard is a stud. Enough said.

On the negative side:
Edgar Castillo has a bit of flare and has talent going forward but somebody needs to tell him all that is good stuff but as a fullback, defense is what he is there for.
Parkhurst seems to be a smart player but he is too small to play in the center & too slow to play outside against a quality squad.
Donavan didn't start, Lanny Cakes did and Lanny Cakes is a enuch.
Somebody, pleeeze tell me what Jermaine Jones brings to the attack? He is a liability on defense because he is a cheap shot artist and a walking card. That, and he can't pass either out of the back or up front.
Onyewu, I  love ya man but you never were fast and I don't think you can contribute enough to the team simply on headers. It's time to take over comnentary from Kyle Martino.
Boca, I love ya man, but your still Boca.

Jones needs to sit. Put Edu as holding mid and push Bradley up where Jones non contributed tonight.
Light a fire under Donavan. He either grows a pair or he sits.

Title: Re: Canada v USA
Post by: AmericanJames on June 05, 2012, 05:35:23 AM
Very boring, my brother and I made the 4 hour trip to Toronto and I was extremely disappointed in the uninspired play, the fact that they didn't even come close to selling out the BMO and the utter lack of atmosphere in the AO section. We've had better crowds (noise and atmosphere wise) at one of our local 4th division squads lately.