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Title: NFR: American Elections
Post by: zzamora on November 01, 2012, 03:48:56 PM
Right, this could get very political, so I'd just like to ask all members of the thread to remember that your point of view might differ from someone else, so don't personally insult them on their views, but feel free to put forward views in a reasoned manner.

As a bit of an interested outside watcher I'm just curious what we all think about the US Elections, the candidates, and which way we all see it going.

Personally I think Obama will scrape it, back heavily by Hurricane Sandy and his excellent response, as well as some strong final day campaigning I can see him pulling out.

On a personal level I would prefer if Obama won for a number of reasons, mostly that I think he has a better vision than Romney and I'm not a fan of Romney's views on Abortion or Equality, or his extremely hard to track down tax plan (found this site particularly funny ( Also a bit biased because he suggested we wern't ready for the olympics!

All views, Romney, Obama or independant, welcome and encouraged; but keep it respectful  065.gif
Title: Re: NFR: American Elections
Post by: jarv on November 01, 2012, 03:54:28 PM
It has been wall to wall tv adverts and frankly I am totally sick of it. The worst part is (particularly the republicans) they come out with the same old nonsense. It is like watching a bit of theatre but the problem is not that we have seen the play before but we know every bloody line in it.

Something original please, but I think that is a bit beyond their closed, small minds.
Title: Re: NFR: American Elections
Post by: LBNo11 on November 01, 2012, 04:06:58 PM
...this is nothing personal to the poster or anyone who responded, but the moderators have pre-empted that such a post could be made and have made the decision that all such posts will be locked or deleted immediately.

Personal political differences can make members disagree in the strongest ways with each other and cause enmity where before there was harmony with a common ground - i.e. Fulham FC.

Political posts can be made on numerous other sites, but we will keep it off this one.

I hope everyone understands our reasoning...