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Title: Sunday Fulham Stuff (11/08/13)...
Post by: whitejc on August 11, 2013, 05:50:42 AM
Is Riise Off?
Reports are appearing in the morning press that suggest that our Norwegian left back, John Arne Riise, is set to leave Craven Cottage.

According to these reports, Riise, according to information provided by the Norwegian media, is set to leave Fulham, on a free transfer, to join the Bundesliga side - Werder Bremen.

According to reports, Riise is quoted as having remarked about the situation,

"Yes, it looks like I will part with Fulham this summer."

"Fortunately, I have an agreement with Fulham that there will not be a transfer fee so we`ll see what happens in this transfer window."

An intriguing situation, even more so with Martin Jol having already hinted that a possible replacement at left-back, Matthew Briggs, being sent out on loan again.

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Post by: whitejc on August 11, 2013, 05:55:44 AM
What can we tell after one game?
by Riether Lightning 63

Having got back from our first home pre-season friendly yesterday (what for some fans would be their first chance to see the new look XI in the flesh), I felt the need to just give those who missed it, a brief summary of how the team looks to be shaping up

Stekelenburg: Very easy to see why he is the Dutch #1. A VERY good shot stopper (some of the things he was pulling off in the warm-up were simply sublime, not to mention his save after a huge deflection during the first half). He’s also very commanding of his area and the defenders, there was one point during the first half, after a corner had been cleared by Betis, that he boomed his instructions to Boateng to pass the ball back to him from near the half-way line, to which Boateng obliged. We are onto a real winner with this guy, I’m amazed that none of the ‘big clubs’ have gone sniffing around for him.

Riether: No change, still hard working as ever

Hangeland and Amorebieta: Two very physical centre backs and will deal with any aerial threat very easily. It also helps that one of them is left footed and the other is right, means that we have the option of playing the ball to either of them on their stronger foot for an easy clearance, rather than someone being rushed to get rid of it on their weaker foot. My main concern though is their pace. A ball over the top to be chased on by the likes of Suarez, Aguero and Bellamy, they will struggle, but let’s hope that doesn’t hinder us too much.

Richardson: Good solid left back, certainly better than he is as a left-winger. Gives us a good option for the counter-attack, especially with his link-ups with Ashkan Dejagah. Do I think he’ll start on opening day? No, I still think Jol favours Riise as the better defensive option and I’m, inclined to agree with him. Out of the two I’d much rather have Riise there than Richardson

Ruiz: Where to start with Bryan. He still hasn’t bulked up, he is still worried about going into tackles and he is being WASTED on the wing (much like he was in his first season). I think he would be more suited in playing the ‘free role’ similar to Cristiano Ronaldo during his latter days at Utd.

Boateng and Sidwell: A very good combination together. Each of them taking it in turns to attack whilst the other one defends, a system that worked well last night. I’d imagine that if this whole Taarabt deal comes through, it would be Sidwell that gets the chop, thus leaving Taarabt to play in a more attacking-creative role whilst Boateng holds back. Similar to a 4-3-1-2 system.

Dejagah: Very good to see him back. Offers good pace for a counter attack with Richardson. He acts the exact opposite to Damien Duff last year, in that he can charge down the wing, then cut inside and onto his right foot, to curl shots/crosses in to the far post. Which is a system that works well, but only if the two wingers occasionally swap, give the full-backs something to think about.

Berbatov: Still hasn’t quite worked out that he has a #9 on his back. He needs to realise that as a striker, he will need to get into the box to act as an aerial threat. There were times last night, much like last season, that the wingers would pick the ball up, only to find nobody in the box and that is an issue that needs to be sorted out AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Maybe the signing of Osvaldo would sort this out.

Rodellega: Made some very good runs, especially early in the game, managed to get behind the defence and caused problems. Needs to improve his heading ability if he is to be used as an effective target man.

Miscellaneous: I am getting a little concerned that we are getting a bit like Liverpool and Swansea, always wanting to find that one last pass, when we have ample opportunities to shoot, something that can get very frustrating to watch. I also feel that we are going to be excellent at set-pieces next year, the additional height of Amorebieta and Boateng should cause problems in the opposition box.
All in all, I am looking forward to next season. Whilst I imagine we will float into mid-table nothingness, I would like to see some amount of progression ready to lay the foundations for a proper charge on Europe in the seasons to come. (
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Post by: whitejc on August 11, 2013, 05:57:25 AM
“Taarabt’s Too Good For You”
by barryhaylesgoalmachine

With Jol confirming that Adel Taarabt is imminent and the completion of his medical this afternoon, I wanted to give a few thoughts on the matter and try and get an understanding of the benefits….


There is no doubt that Taarabt is a talented player even if perhaps he is yet to show it consistently week in week out. Last season his best performance seemed to have been reserved for our visit to Loftus Road but despite an impressive year in the Championship in 2011 he has not exactly set the Premiership alight.

In 2011/12 he managed just 2 goals and 3 assists. Last term he scored 5 goals and created 4 which compared to our own Bryan Ruiz, who  by all accounts was judged to have had a poor season but still scored 5 and contributed 7 assists. Admittedly some may point out the players surrounding Taarabt were somewhat of a hindrance.

He may well suit a central midfield position better than Bryan does (although I have never seen him occupy such a role) but anyone thinking that he will be the elusive “Dembele Replacement” may be disappointed. There are certainly similarities in terms of running with the ball and creativity going forward but as a team who absorb a lot of pressure , we always need our central midfielders to chip in as ball winners and work hard off the ball.

Having tried a 4-4-2 against Betis with Bryan on the wing it looked like Jol will try Adel in a flat four alongside a more defensively minded player which given last nights performance will probably be Derek Boateng ahead of Steve Sidwell. Arguably a diamond would be a lot more effective with Taarabt’s behind what will hopefully be a front pairing of Berbatov and another new face up front.

Another option would be to consider starting 4-5-1 with both Taarabt & Ruiz in behind Berbatov and more width provided by Kacaniklic and Dejagah with Boateng as an anchor in front of the back four. This would allow for a lot more flexibility in terms of reacting to a change in the game. Should we need to chase a goal then one of either Taarabt or Ruiz could be sacrificed in favour of a second striker with the other remaining in an advanced midfield position as the front of a Diamond 4-4-2 as mentioned above.


Despite the ability he brings , the one major concern that we all have regarding Tarrabt is his attitude and general reputation for being a trouble maker. Martin Jol will no doubt have his hands full in terms of managing Taarabt as a personality but if he is able to keep him on the right lines then the rewards will be there for all to see. It is not as if he hasn’t had a taste of working with him previously so I would hope he knows what to expect. What would be disappointing is if Jol is successful in managing Taarabt and getting the best from the player but we do not have an option too make the deal permanent and our “not so noisy neighbours” benefit from a more well rounded player. Of course these details are yet to be elaborated on but it would be somewhat poor on our part if a potential option is not included. A loan is of course beneficial particularly if Taarabt does get up to his old tricks as it allows us to get rid quick but as a club we cannot be seen to simply “keep him warm” for QPR while they carry on in the Championship.

What is for sure is that if nothing else , The deal gives us ample opportunity for bragging rights over our hooped friends… Only last season we heard the (with hindsight) rather ironic chant of “Taarabt’s too good for you” upon visiting Loftus Road. I don’t remember ever singing the same about Zamora or Johnson….

( (
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Post by: whitejc on August 11, 2013, 05:58:38 AM
A book by its cover.
by andersons11

What makes a football player? Is it a charming personality? A great abundance of skill mixed in with the right mentality? In the best sense it is a combination of the above along with other attributes.After all a skillful player can be a down right horrible person, aka Mr. Suarez where you grudgingly acknowledge his talent. However the footballers that tend to be recognized by the supporters are the former, a great person that happens to make his pay by being a skillful football player.

Why is this question being brought up? Well its simple really, we as football supporters have the easy task of being very judgmental about our fellow human beings with little to no retribution. During the silly season ever supporter is a pundit, scout and God among men. It may not be to that exact point for some, but if you were to ask any supporter during the off season what they would likefor the squad, they would at least have a position, if not a name picked out for whom they would like to come in. It is easy for us. As for the men and women who actually work for the club, a wrong transfer or some bad advice could mean the end of a job, particularly in the transition period that the club is in. Everything is magnified.

As social media and the internet increase our visibility of the transfer window, problems arise that necessarily were not present in large sections of the support. Anyone can start a rumor and by in large get in published in the papers if it creates enough movement. While annoying, it is relatively harmless. However, social media and other sites can also bring out the worst in a football supporter.

It is so easy in this day and age to type something in your web based content along the lines of “he is crap” or “not fit to wear the shirt” among the nicer things. Where as you can sort of take back something you say, once it is out on the internet you won’t get it back.
It is human nature to judge, sad but true. This seems to be doubly the case when it comes to football.

As a supporter a bad game can worsen your mood, just as much as a thrilling win heightens it. Individuals are always picked out, though it is a team game. When the club struggles it’s quite easy to say “player x” was terrible, he should be sent packing”. Just as it is easy to say “player x” was amazing no one could touch him.
When it is silly season, as mentioned before, players are linked and judgment is already passed.

Common arguments are “he was terrible for a relegated side”, “he couldn’t get into “Team X’s starting XI, why is he coming here” or “he’s great, but I can’t see him coming to Fulham. As a supporter it is really hard not to make these statements. After all it isn’t a perfect world. However, everything is situational, if they have never played a match for Fulham try to keep the criticism to a rational level, after all most supporters player of the season in Reither came from a relegated Bundesliga side.

Players are human too, while their quality of life may be a tad bit better, they still go home to their families and deal with situations just like us, along with having to deal with the plusses and minuses of all the attention being a professional footballer brings. If they have a good match, I will congratulate them and ask for more, and if they have a bad game I won’t leave it at “he had a terrible match” but instead point out what was done wrong and how to go about fixing it.

After all, you never know who might be reading. (
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Post by: whitejc on August 11, 2013, 05:59:41 AM
Fulham U18s 4-1 Watford U18s

Fulham Under-18s defeated their Watford counterparts 4-1 in a pre-season friendly match at Motspur Park on Saturday.

Emerson Hyndman got his side off the mark, before a brace from half-time substitute Moussa Dembele and a late Jordan Evans strike wrapped up a comfortable victory at the Training Ground.

The Whites started the stronger side, with Hyndman pulling the strings from midfield, and first saw a sight of goal 20 minutes in when Dean O’Halloran just missed the target.

Hyndman was becoming increasingly influential in Fulham’s play and he played a brilliant ball inside the Watford full-back to send Evans in down the left. Evans got a cross in but Wesley McDonald volleyed just wide.

The goal that was coming duly arrived shortly after, though, when Hyndman beat a man outside the area before firing a crisp shot into the bottom corner from 18 yards.

A host of attacking players entered the action at the interval, with Dembele, Pat Roberts and George Williams all introduced. And they made an impact within minutes as Williams curled an effort just wide following a great team move that saw 15 passes strung together.

A minute later and the lead was doubled when Dembele lost his marker before finishing beyond the Hornets goalkeeper. Roberts then showed incredible close control to beat three men in close proximity before squaring for Dembele who tapped in for 3-0.

Watford grabbed a late consolation following a long kick up-field, but that just spurred the Whites forward once more, as a neat one-two between Evans and Williams ended with the left-back crashing a fine effort into the back of the net.

Fulham: Rodak; Smile, Donnelly (c), Burgess, Evans, Sambou, Hyndman, Elworthy, McDonald, Leacock-McLeod, O'Halloran

Subs:  Baba, Roberts, Williams, Sheckleford, Dembele, Adebayer, Edun (
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Post by: whitejc on August 11, 2013, 06:00:35 AM
Burton Ticket Information

The Club can confirm that our Second Round Capital One Cup tie away to Burton Albion will take place on Tuesday 27th August (7.45pm).

Tickets are not yet on sale, but pricing details are as follows:

Terrace tickets

Adults: £15

Over-65s: £13

Young person (17-22): £13

16 and under: £5

Seated tickets

Adult: £18

Over-65s: £16

Young person (17-22): £16

16 and under: £10

Wheelchair and Ambulant pay normal rate, personal assistant goes free. (Both available in terrace and seated, however spaces are limited.) As soon as tickets go on sale, an announcement will be made on

Coach information will also follow in due course. (
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It’s time for Hugo Rodallega to step up at Fulham… but he won’t – we need Darren Bent

About two weeks ago Martin Jol took the opportunity to duck the inevitable transfer questions in search of a less controversial topic – Hugo Rodallega.

His words went under the radar a little bit, understandably, but they were no less pertinent as a result.

‘I feel he should get at least 10 goals,’ Jol said, before admitting that’s somewhat impossible given the Columbian’s game time.

The comments suggest that, perhaps, Jol will be more willing to indulge this season in the mercurial talents of his Bosman signing from last summer.

But you have to feel that won’t be the case – regardless of our pursuit of Darren Bent.

Jol was just damning Rodallega with faint praise when saying his striker is a double figures man
Simply put, Rodallega is not good enough to form part of our first team and, should this summer’s transfer activity go to plan, the 28 year-old will be starting September as Fulham’s third-choice striker.

Jol has been tempted in the past to deploy the former Wigan Athletic man on the wing and it has never worked. He may have the pace of a winger and the nous of an inside forward, but, ultimately, he wants to lead the line.

Yet, as a striker, he has still performed below-par. Often weary-looking, he lacks a clinical touch in front of goal that should be part of any striker’s game.

And that has always been the case. At Wigan, he may have been more prolific but he was no ‘goalscorer’.

Here at Craven Cottage, with three in 33, he has hardly rattled south-west London into submission either.

Yes, he’s particularly strong in the air but that has rarely been useful to us. Darren Bent, if he arrives, can replace the physicality and aerial presence that Rodallega currently brings.

It could be argued that, alongside Dimitar Berbatov, Rodallega could be more fruitful. We’ve seen it all before, though, and nothing changes.

This isn’t to say he should be sold. As a squad player, he is talented and provides ample cover to a team that nine times out of ten will line up with a singular striker.

But Jol was just damning Rodallega with faint praise when saying his striker is a potentially double figures man. He won’t hit 10 goals this year, and most likely never will at this level.

And I’m sure Rodallega knows that. (
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Parma conquer Craven Cottage


Gabriel Paletta and Nicola Sansone earned Parma a prestigious 2-1 victory over Fulham at Craven Cottage.

The Ducali visited London as part of pre-season preparations with Antonio Cassano and Amauri still working on their new partnership.

It took just 10 minutes for the hosts to go in front with a Steve Sidwell screamer into the top corner, leaving Antonio Mirante no chance.

Amauri had the ball in the net, but was flagged offside, while Marco Parolo rattled the crossbar and Aleandro Rosi was just unable to nod in the rebound.

Former Roma goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg was forced into a tough save on Jonathan Biabiany before the break.

Parma were very impressive and finally got their equaliser with captain Paletta rising to nod in Cassano’s cross.

They almost went in front when Stekelenburg rushed off his line to close down Nicola Sansone, while Stefano Okaka turned his header wide against his former club.

Parma earned a fully-deserved victory at Craven Cottage with Under-21 international Sansone’s header after Gianni Munari knocked down a Djamel Mesbah cross.

Bajza preserved the lead late on with a save on Kasami.

Fulham 1-2 Parma

Scorers: Sidwell 10 (F), Paletta 56 (P), Sansone 86 (P)

Fulham: Stekelenburg; Riether, Hangeland, Hughes, Richardson; Dejagah (Taarabt 63), Boateng (Karagounis 63), Sidwell (David 79), Na Bangna; Ruiz (Kasami 76); Berbatov (Rodallega 46)

Parma: Mirante (Bajza 63); Benalouane (Lucarelli 63), Paletta, Felipe (Sansone 63); Rosi, Chibsah (Marchionni 46), Valdes, Parolo (Mesbah 63), Biabiany; Amauri (Munari 63), Cassano (Okaka 63)

Ref: East (
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Jol: We Need More Goals

Manager Martin Jol was left in no doubt where Fulham needs to strengthen after we lost our final pre-season game 2-1 to Parma.

The Whites went ahead through a 10th minute thunderbolt strike from Steve Sidwell but lost as Parma fought back in the second half to seal the win in SW6. With winger Adel Taarabt having arrived earlier this week, Jol believes that his side can be boosted with the arrival of another attacking player before the transfer window ends.

“Everybody knows how I feel about it,” he said. “We need pace up front. We need goals and if you see our flank players they are very talented, but since Clint Dempsey left we have not scored enough. I think Adel [Taarabt] is capable of scoring goals, Berbatov is, Bryan could be. But what I need is someone who can score more.

“We are a very good Premier League club and we have some good players, but I want to strengthen the squad.”

The side will be disrupted this week as an international break sees a host of players taken away for friendly games just a few days before the start of the Barclays Premier League season. The Manager is not happy about the departures, but knows there is little he can do.

“It is a very uncommon situation,” Jol said. “It happens, I can’t believe why, but it happens. We start work on Monday knowing that some of our best players are going away with their national teams but it is not as bad as it was. We have a few players who have niggling injuries and will stay here, but others like Bryan will have to go.”

Despite having retired from international football, Norway’s John Arne Riise has seen Kieran Richardson take the left-back slot in pre-season and Jol insisted that it was up to the defender if he wanted to stay and fight for his place.

“John has been a great servant to this Club,” he added. “I have lots of options, I have [Matthew] Briggs, Kieran [Richardson], John and Fernando [Amorebieta] can play at left-back as well. What I have told John is that it is up to him; he is always reliable.

“Kieran had a few injuries last season, but when he is fit, he is too good for the bench. John and I spoke about it and I will be happy if he stays because he is a very good player, but he may decide to go somewhere as Kieran has been my first-choice in pre-season.”

And when asked how the team will fare this campaign, Jol was sure that if we are able to make some transfer moves then it will be different to our 12th placed finish last year.

“If we stay as we are then we will have the same season,” he said. “But with a couple of additions, Taarabt and two or three others, then we will have a very good team. But we will also need a couple of weeks to adjust.” (
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Fulham 1 Parma 2: Jol gives Taarabt run out but Italian visitors take the spoils at Craven Cottage

Fulham suffered a disappointing defeat at Craven Cottage to finish their pre-season with new signing Adel Taarabt getting an opportunity to show his fitness.

Parma's side included Italy striker Antonio Cassano who moved from Inter Milan in the summer.

Martin Jol's side got off to the best possible start when Steve Sidwell put them ahead on the ten minute mark.

New boy: Adel Taarabt made his debut in a Fulham shirt when he came on at the hour mark

Sidwell won the ball in the middle of the park and ran forward to around 35 yards out before unleashing a strike goal-wards. It flew past keeper Antonio Mirante and into the top corner.

Mesca had a strong first-half, linking up well with Dimitar Berbatov before having a curling shot saved by Mirante.

Parma were level when Cassano picked out Gabriel Paletta at the far post and he headed past Maarten Stekelenburg.

Taarabt and a host of other substitutions entered the fray on 60 minutes, but this favoured Parma who went on to grab a winner.

Another long cross found the head of a visitor, this time Gianni Munari, and his pull back found Nicola Sansone who finished from close range.

Fulham's opening Premier League game is against Sunderland at the Stadium of Light on Saturday.
Pointing the other way: Fulham's summer signing Maarten Stekelenburg in action

Danger man: Fulham's Dimitar Berbatov plays the ball away from Parma's Felipe

Stunner: Steve Sidwell scored from 30 yards for Fulham

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