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Title: Move your @$$ Finnster!!!
Post by: Steve_orino on June 17, 2010, 12:32:56 AM
All that athleticism will get away and we're supposed to have the inside track!!! (

Leading English Premier League Soccer Club Manchester City FC Signs Agreement With New York City Youth Soccer Clubs
Press Release Source: Manchester City FC On Monday June 14, 2010, 1:22 pm EDT
MANCHESTER, England, June 14 /PRNewswire/ -- English Premier League soccer club Manchester City FC (MCFC) has announced a partnership with New York City-based Downtown United Soccer Club (DUSC) and Gotham Girls Football Club (GGFC).

As part of this new partnership, Manchester City's award winning Community scheme, City in the Community (CITC) will work closely with  DUSC to expand the City Soccer Initiative (CSI),  DUSC's  inner-city outreach  program.  This agreement is the  first of a series of community initiatives to be announced by the club for delivery during MCFC's upcoming US tour and beyond.

Every week, more than  3,000 inner-city children participate in the CSI program, which uses soccer to teach critical life skills, tackle childhood obesity and help improve the quality of life in underserved communities.

As  well  as  enabling  significant  expansion  and  development  of  CSI's  existing  programs, Manchester City will grant ten scholarships per annum throughout the term of the agreement to allow underprivileged New York inner-city youngsters to join the DUSC and GGFC Youth Soccer programs.

The  partnership  between  Manchester  City,  DUSC  and  GGFC  will  provide  the  1,500  plus travel  and  recreational  players  of  the  New  York  based  clubs  with  support  for  their  child- centered approach to teaching and competition in soccer.

The  EPL  club  will  also  share  its  coaching  expertise  through  direct  training  sessions  with coaches and players, exchange programs in England, and a series of camps in New York City. The first MCFC camp will be held the week of July 19 on Randall's Island, led by Alex Gibson,  former  head  coach  of  MCFC's  prestigious  youth  academy,  which  has  produced more first team graduates than any other English Premier League soccer academy.

Commenting on the partnership, Gustavo Palomino, the Director of Coaching for DUSC and GGFC, said:

"This  is  a  very  exciting  opportunity  for  DUSC  and  GGFC  to  work  with  such  a  prestigious partner. It will be a privilege for our clubs, our coaches and, most importantly, our players to work  with  Manchester  City  and   will  allow  us  to  implement  a  fully  integrated  player development  structure,  from  youth  right  through  to  professional  level.  I  believe  this  is  an important step for both our clubs and for US soccer."

Assistant Coaching Director for Gotham Girls, Courtney Carroll, said:

"Gotham Girls FC is dedicated to providing opportunities for female players in the New York Metropolitan area to have a first class soccer  experience that exposes them to the global game. Our partnership with Manchester City, and more specifically the ladies' team, MCLFC, will  help  us  to  elevate  the  women's  game  in  NY  and  develop  the  girls  to  reach  their  full potential, both as players and as people."

Paul Jeffries, Director of City Soccer Initiative, said:

"The skill, energy and dedication that Manchester City has put into its award winning City in the Community programme is something that we have long admired. We are very excited to be able to utilise City's expertise to the benefit of thousands of New York's inner city children via our City Soccer Initiative."

Sarah Lynch, Managing Director of City in the Community, said:

"We searched long and hard to ensure that we found the very best partner for our ongoing community legacy in New York and believe we have achieved that goal in our agreement with  DUSC  and  CSI.  We  look  forward  to  a  very  successful  and  mutually  beneficial relationship over the coming months and years."

Manchester City is playing in the New York challenge as part of their pre-season summer tour of the US, playing Portuguese side Sporting Lisbon on Friday 23rd  July and the New York Red Bulls on Sunday 25th  July. For tickets and further information, please visit (

For further information please contact Lisa Kovitz at Edelman on 001 212 704 4546 or by emailing
Title: Re: Move your @$$ Finnster!!!
Post by: Steve_orino on June 17, 2010, 12:42:18 AM
the Claudio Reyna/Manchester City link is still strong...
Title: Re: Move your @$$ Finnster!!!
Post by: YankeeJim on June 17, 2010, 01:12:42 AM
If I were Claudio I wouldn't be to fond of Citi. The fans there sure treated him like s@%t. Nasty bunch.
Title: Re: Move your @$$ Finnster!!!
Post by: finnster01 on June 17, 2010, 11:26:59 PM
Never even heard of any of these characters.

I deal directly with Mayor Bloombergs office for my little project, but it sounds like they are doing a good thing as well. I suspect they are in Brooklyn or Queens and not Manhattan/Harlem. People forget Harlem is actually in Manhattan.
Title: Re: Move your @$$ Finnster!!!
Post by: Steve_orino on June 18, 2010, 03:22:56 AM
but it sounds like they are doing a good thing as well.

That's the important thing.  Just getting clubs to work with the kids. 

Obviously I thought of you when I saw the link and the work you're involved with in trying to bring the game to the different economic-level areas.  On another thread I posted, there is a read about how "soccer in America is a pay-to-play" situation - a complete contrast to the rest of the world.

Good luck, let me know when you're moving to Texas so Hatter & I may assist down here  :dft012: