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General Discussion / Re: Parker Out
« Last post by toshes mate on Today at 10:33:23 AM »
If Parker is honest and has a conscience then he should be saying to himself 'if I do not turn this around in the next game against Leeds then I have to quit because I am holding this team back by my coaching methods'.
General Discussion / Time to change!
« Last post by bill taylors apprentice on Today at 10:30:50 AM »
Not the HC but the tactics and team selection.

You would expect our HC to have a plan, a style, a method of play to achieve the results needed.
Until recent weeks the fact we are in the top 6 may have clouded his view on how well its all been working.

Results have been achieved without really getting the best out of the team.
So will Parker have the intelligence and courage to see its not working and change the tactics and the personnel or will he continue to follow his plan down a dead end and blame the players, bad luck, the ref etc

If it carries on as it is and there's no sign of Parker seeing the light when do the owners make their move?
One of the better Cottage Talks I have heard since it actually summarizes all that was wrong with that game from beginning to the aftermath.  I thought Mike Gregg said 'release the flair' but, either way, FFC need to release something ... or somebody.
If only we had the financial clout of Brentford, instead of relying on picking up players from the lower leagues and lucky transfers working out!
General Discussion / Re: Parker Out
« Last post by ScalleysDad on Today at 10:21:23 AM »
How many Managers have we had since Cookie? How many were any good?
 I don't remember many thinking Roy would be a success and it took a while for things to turn around as it did for SJ.
 We don't have a team (under any manager) that's Premiership quality or a ground for that matter.
 For me he stays.

tend to agree
hmm don’t agree with that. Roy joined just before new year and masterminded the great escape by may. In contrast Parker has had over 30 games and we are getting worse.

Bit harsh to lump the end of the Premiership fiasco on Parker and of course we are often told the friendlies are meaningless.
Positive Performances this season have been far and few, friends and i came away from the Derby game with a feeling of well not a lot has really happened apart from the goals. I really can't see how this bunch of players and the style of football will move us forward this season. Where is the fight, where is the flare? My description of our team yesterday on another thread was 'A void of nothingness' I just hope that Parker is able to realise that something needs to change quickly or he will be a void of nothingness at Fulham sooner rather than later. I can't see us getting promoted, even via the playoffs, which i think will probably be a good thing apart from we will lose Mitro at the end of the season.
Yep they were just that roger , we - that is the other three I went to the game with - knew and said before the first whistle it was going to be very difficult . I think all of us that were there think 1-0 actually flattered us. could easily have been 3 or 4.

Footnote didn't want to get into personal argument with the many around me booing the team off but I find it disgraceful. Also being so close to the pitch we could see some of our players blaming each other for mistakes/misgivings.
For whatever the reason its not working, the chemistry in the team is not right, the tactics are half baked and the opposition out think us too of often.

Parker doesn't need years of experience as a coach to see things need changing and fast.
Start earning your salary Parker!
A bit of youth is necessary especially as yesterday we looked like a tired old team with no ideas 💡
General Discussion / Re: Lampard comments
« Last post by One Martin Thomas on Today at 10:05:27 AM »
Boom.......that’s us in a nutshell.

Boom !
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