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General Discussion / Re: Lampard comments
« Last post by bobbo on Today at 10:04:18 AM »
It is precisely and I for one am fed up with it . I was even fed up with it when we were on the recent 4 match winning streak. We are a shadow of the fast moving fast passing team we had under jokanovic.
The case against the youngsters will be the usual "Can't win with youngsters in a fiery derby game".

Well, these players would have given 100% and I have more confidence they would pass and move and make chances for the best forward in the league rather leave him isolated.

Shake it up Parker and give these younger players a chance!
General Discussion / Re: On way back from GP, let me be brief ...
« Last post by SuffolkWhite on Today at 09:59:06 AM »
I was out yesterday so did not listen to the game and I was not expecting anything but a loss, in fact I thought we would lose by much more. Reading this forum it appears we should have lost by more. This will continue unfortunately and We will get hammered by Leeds no doubt. I'm not one for calling for the Managers head but something needs to change , I have said before that we need a change of tactic and hope SP works that but he will be out of a job soon if he doesn't sorry to say. Really not looking forward to getting spanked next weekend and can see me leaving early. Thing is we are top 6 apparently!?
Good Morning Everyone.

If you have listened already, I would be your curious your view of what Mike and myself discussed right after the match. Please let me know what you thought of the show. We were both very upset after the match and you hear that.
Thoroughly agree Roger.  0001.jpeg
General Discussion / Re: If not Parker, who?
« Last post by Danitar on Today at 09:42:38 AM »
There’s no way we’ll get Benitez, West Ham are trying to get him out of China but can’t afford him. I would love to see Lee Johnson, he’s looking to build something at Bristol city so don’t know how easy it would be to get him. I can see the khans getting in David moyes as the ‘ambitious’ move
Nothing wrong with keeping the ball for periods of time even if we don't threaten the oppositions goal as long as you are making the opposition work tirelessly to ensure you don't create those chances.

The fact we keep the ball for long periods means we are still in some games despite not performing well and against many Championship teams that's enough to give us a chance.

But if you don't change gear and pull their defence around to create space and chances the 'keep ball' tactic becomes a burden in itself, going round and round in circles until you lose the ball and put yourself under threat.

Even allowing for the weak links in the squad, this team is less than the sum of its parts and at any level a lot of that is down to the coaching.
General Discussion / Re: Easy To Blame It On Parker.....But
« Last post by grandad on Today at 09:34:00 AM »
Our current problem is the lack of players who can transfer the ball quickly & accurately from our back 4 to the edge of the opponents penalty area. Johansen tries but can't do it on his own. TC is not playing high enough which is starving Mitro. Maybe when Arter, Reed & Reid are back fully fit we might see a change.
General Discussion / Re: On way back from GP, let me be brief ...
« Last post by toshes mate on Today at 09:30:12 AM »
Mitro was very poor today .Too easily dispossessed and contributing virtually nothing. Needs service but today he was poor.
Doesn't help when we created zero chances for him and he's receiving the ball with his back to goal, and then whe does have it there is no one near him, 20-30 yards away. He's far too isolated.
My feelings too. 

Real lack of cohesion and movement to assist the player in possession and that often means whoever and wherever they are.  Parker is repeating the same mistakes over and over again in a one step forward, three back regimen.  He would be better off ripping up his playbook and starting all over again preferably with a better football mind either as his boss or his main assistant.  He is simply out of his depth as it stands and I am really beginning to feel let down by his lack of imagination and his lack of impact on his squad psyche.       
General Discussion / Re: If not Parker, who?
« Last post by grandad on Today at 09:23:06 AM »
Can't think of a single available replacement. I say wait till the end of the season &  then have a complete rethink of the whole situation.
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