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Introduce yourselves and explain where are you from, and why Fulham..?

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...many of us Brits know each other and know why we became or were born Fulham fans, but what about all you guys around the globe!


1) What country and city/town are you from?

2) Why do you support The Fulham Football Club?

3) Did you support another team before Fulham?

I am the Eggman ... no wait, THEY are the Eggman. I am the Walrus.

I am from San Antonio, Texas [although I was born in El Paso, Texas shortly after the end of dubya dubya eye eye [tha big one]

there's a long essay lost in the bitbucket of the old FofF server that tells this more eloquently, but I came to Fulham because of my respect and admiration for Brian McBride. I stayed because of the family aspect of the club, and because I knew that we'd be struggling every season, and I'm not comfortable supporting teams that expect to win. Like a lot of us, being Fulham is more important than supporting American players, so if we nad no yanks on the roster, I'd still be here.

As Brits can usually deduce from my username, I originally supported Luton Town Football Club as I was married to a Luton girl and went to matches with my father-in-law. LTFC never had much time for their American fans, nor did most of their British fans, so the dozen or so of us who were season ticket holders had little to hold us to the club.

Oh, and I sewed all the sequins on my dance costume myself.

I'm a native born California boy who grew up playing & watching pointy ball. I've lived in 8 different states and at one time had season tickets to the Washington Redskins. While in college, in Maryland, I played some intermural "soccer" & learned the basics of the beautiful game. Other than some interest in the WC, I let it slide until my youngest came to me when he was 8 (he's 32 now) & said he wanted to played soccer. I signed him up for AYSO & in a manner of weeks, both my boys were involved, I was coaching TWO teams and reffing as well. I got the bug big time. Both my boys played into high school and then discovered girls and soccer fell off the radar screen. It didn't for me. I was introduced to English football on a saturday morning show called Soccer Week. The English game just seemed to be about getting after the ball while the Spanish & Italians were about falling down and screaming in pain. When Claudio Reyna went to Citi, I joined their web site but soon found that to them, every loss & every evil came from Reyna and the rest of the Americans. Rather stupid. Anyway, I checked out Manure, mostly because Citi hated them and found them to be arrogant & had a sense of entitlement when it came to winning. They reminded me of Mexico in that the other team was always lucky & the ref had it on for them. When McGod scored a wonderful goal againt Mexico in the 2002 Cup, I had found my hero & followed him to Fulham. As Don said, the friendliness & family atmosphere was refreshing. Early on, one of the members here, befrended me & made me feel welcome. It has grown from that. I don't post all that much but I visit this board most mornings and just about every evening. I'll be here until I'm asked to leave.

I''m an Essex boy (oh, the shame) who emigrated to the Land of Oz in 1965. My late Mum and my still misbehaving Dad are both from Edmonton, Norf London so I grew up supporting the Spuds and watched a handful of games when I spent a few months in the UK in 1982. Scarey times people ! I drifted away from football a bit in the late 80's/early 90's as I was more into motorbikes, excessive alcohol consumption, rock n roll and chasing the femmes. I returned to the UK in late '94, ostensibly for 2 years but ended up staying 7 and the football passion was reignited. A mate who is no longer with us was a mad keen blue poo fan and was in fact secretary (?) of the Oz supporters club and I promised him I'd go to the dog track and watch a game. I also went to why tart lane and soon realised I didn't belong there. Chelski was the closest club when I lived in Pimlico and I think I went to about 10 home games and even enjoyed myself. (My excuse is that The Hod was there and then Gullit arrived. Loved watching him and Zola but it seems I didn't belong there either.) My barmy Swedish flatmates found a flat in Fulham Road when we tired of Pimlico and then it happened...I strolled down to The Cottage in early '97 and realised I'd found my football home. I think I went to a couple more Chelski games but Fulham had stolen my football heart. The Al Fayed revolution happened a couple of months later and the adventure began. I can truly say "I'm Fulham 'til I die" and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

A London boy am i born and lived my first 21 years in the borough of Wandsworth, after finishing my apprenticeship as a joiner i wanted to travel and the only way in the late 60s was to join the merchant navy 3 years of that and back to London, it had changed so much i did not feel at home so on to the Channel Islands first Jersey then Sark where i have resided for the last 35 years. Fulham was my first love and i will be true.


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