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Re: Brilliant, Look at this!
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The writer does seem to be a little out of touch with reality, doesn't he?

I liked how he championed the long throw tactic and said it was the fault of the opposition that they still panicked when it was used against them, yet had he watched them play much (at all?) or bothered to read Stoke message boards he might have noticed that this tactic seems to have been pretty much nullified by just about everyone, to the extent that some Stokies were demanding to know why they stuck to using it when it was clearly no longer working.

It looks like the usual space filling nonsense churned out by somebody trying to be controversial in the hope that enough people will respond to justify his existence. Fine, if that makes you happy, or you could aim to lead a productive life instead.

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Re: Brilliant, Look at this!
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All the same, it'd be nice to be in the position of having the chance to stuff Man City and get the pot in our cabinet for a year. Treading a fine line between hating their tactics (which I obviously do) and wanting what they have achieved  takes some doing.

Sour grapes and memories of Cloughie telling Leeds players that they "won by b****y cheatin'" come to mind