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I think our 5 most expensive players to buy are

Started by fulhaman, June 28, 2011, 03:29:26 PM

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1)Hangland - 17 million the reason if lescotte worth 25 then I dont need to say anymore

2)Bobby - 15 million Bent worth 25 millions soooo

3) Demp - 12 millions for his goals last season

4) Dembe - 10 million skills and age but in 3 year's time could be worth 25 million

hard one but

maybe aj 4 million

so that add up to 58 million my question is what five players would you buy for that?


...I would have thought Aaron Hughes is worth more than AJ at the moment, certainly I feel he is worth more to keep at Fulham, few can defend as well and efficiently...
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Hughes has got to be worth more than another broken Johnson especially at 4 million.

In fact, I think Stockdale should be on that list actually. Especially if an unproven Smalling can get us 10 million
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I actually doubt that Aaron would fetch £4m - he'll be 32 in November. But I hope he stays with us for the foreseeable future.

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Dempsey - 15m
Dembele - 11m
Hangeland - 11m
Zamora - 8-9m
Stockdale - 4-5m
AJ - 4m

That's more like it.


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