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Wrote an article on fulham...
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for a friends blog. will be up tommorow, but here is a first read!

Fulham are the team to watch in 2011/12

Fulham ushered in a new era of football this week, with the appointment and first press conference of Martin Jol, former Spurs manager. After a second highest ever placed finish of 8th and a promising second half to the season, I’ve picked Fulham as my team to watch in 2011/12.
Why Fulham? Why a club with a relatively small fan base? Why a club who failed to beat any of the so called ‘Big Four’? Here’s why:
1)   Martin Jol has said he wants to bring “total football” to Craven Cottage. He said in his first press conference that he wanted to change Fulham’s playing style but admitted that "It's a difficult question about turning around the style, because it's an older team with their own style. We can't change that overnight.” I don’t believe that many teams, with perhaps the exception of the super-slick Arsenal, play total football. This could be a spectacular success- They have Danny Murphy in the middle of the park who topped the Premier League’s passing charts with an astonishing 1987 completed passes last season.

2)   Martin Jol has outlined his commitment to bringing in new, young players to support his new style of play- he said that he hopes to bring in “4 or 5 new players” and that he hopes they can help him “ build a good young team for the future." Jol is a known admirer of Moussa Dembele, Fulham’s 24 year old who showed an large amount of promise in his first season with the club, his talent summed up by this goals vs. Spurs in the FA Cup- [url=]Fulham 4-0 Tottenham | The FA Cup 4th Round - 30/01/11[/url] (4th goal) … If he can bring in more players like him, than Fulham will have a skilful, youthful team with pace and a few old heads to balance the ship.

3)   Mohamed Al-Fayed has backed his new manager with funds and, more importantly, ambition. When he first brought the club not only did Al-Fayed promise to pump money in it, but he promised to turn it into the “Manchester United of the South”-a vastly over inflated claim, but one that he has stuck to, supplying the club with almost £290 million pounds of unsecured loans. This could mean that many players that have the ability to put a spark in to the premiership could be arriving. Such players have been linked as Jeffren (below) who is known for his trickery and speed at going round defenders. Last season he managed to be fouled 12 times in just 8 matches, showing that defenders simply can’t cope with him. Barcelona don’t play him and his lack of match practice was showing, although he managed a goal against Real Madrid. He could be the player that is the signing of a season.

Next season could be that landmark season for Fulham. With a combination of an ambitious chairman, talented manager with a flair for total football, a few experienced and talented players and the possible addition of a few exciting youngsters I think that Fulham could be the team to watch in 2011/12.

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Re: Wrote an article on fulham...
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good work, sir. Keep it up!