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US Pubs showing football: by City and State

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pubs showing football can be listed here.

Check the format below and add yours, or PM Logicalman to have them added. Provide a couple of details, if possible, if not LM will try and look some up for you.

So far we have the following (See below for fuller descriptions - they are in the same order as listed)

San Antonio - Texas
Columbus - Ohio
Manhattan New York City - New York
Atlanta - Georgia
Jacksonville Beach - Florida
Indianapolis - Indiana
Cincinnati - Ohio
Lyon - France
Baltimore, Maryland
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Arlington, Virginia
Los Angeles Area, California
Cincinnati, Ohio
Chicago, Illinois
San Francisco, California

San Antonio, Texas

Good man, sir.

[size=104pt]I'll start off with SAN ANTONIO, TX[/size]

The Lion and Rose Pub -- the Broadway/Alamo Heights location is the best.

Available even early on Sunday mornings for league matches. Two screens directly over the bar with about a half-dozen others. The convention is that if supporters of clubs playing at different venues at the same time are present, each match will have one screen with the audio changing at half-time. 3 p.m. kickoffs in England will be 0900 or 1000.

Pub grub is fair to middlin', and they have a good selection of beer including Fullers ESB. Fullers goes especially well with sausage and eggs.

If you're going to be in town for a match, contact me or Ag and we'll see you there.

Columbus - OHIO
The Pub Polaris
1554 Polaris Parkway
Columbus, Ohio 43240


The Pub at Polaris here in Columbus shows alot of footie, and has alot of great beer and food    082.gif

--- Quote from: Mr. F on September 29, 2011, 03:08:31 AM ---Been there a few times, really liked it! Have yet to catch a match though.
I'm a sucker for their beer sampler.

--- End quote ---

New York City - Manhattan

6 West 33rd Street
New York, NY 10001
Phone:  212 967 7792

Best place here is Legends at 33 st and just off 5th Ave (between 5th and Broadway). A few Fulham shirts can be spotted here on the occation.

Atlanta - GA

273 Buckhead Ave
Atlanta, GA 30305
Phone:   404-841-0066

Bunch of spots in Atlanta to see Football, but Fado's is where I go when I am in town visiting and old friend.

Bartender Russ is amazing even though he supports the gooners.  Bit pricy for the pints and grub, but good times none the less.  Will be there opening weekend watching my Blackberry update while I try to do by best to support my friend's Evertonian campaign against Spurs.  


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