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The difference between one team or one league is simply the budget. Give the bucks to MLS and Old Red Nose would be stalking the sidelines in Los Angeles or New York watching Messi score a hat trick. Give it to Sigi up in Seattle and they'd beat Manure 7-1.

Not entirely true, you're forgetting about all the cashed up sides in the middle east.

I live in Australia and we encounter the same problem. It is simply as follows.....

Despite being mostly unloyal, unfaithful and self serving entities, most players grew up with dreams of lifting the Champions League Trophy. To do need to be in Europe. No matter what, money will not escape the European leagues, because there is so much history and mystique surrounding the beautiful game.

It sucks for our leagues, that the best we can hope for, is when my Newcastle Jets signed an aging, fat, coked up Mario Jardel, or a lead legged Robbie Fowler.

Players want to leave a legacy. The Major League Soccer title means a lot less to anyone, when put in context with the UEFA Champions League. End of story, really.