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Re: World Cup 2010 - USMNT
« Reply #20 on: March 21, 2010, 10:31:07 AM »
To be quite honest Mr Jim, it would probably be met with thunderous applause.

I probably wouldn't, but most fans put clubs above country in England.

I certainly want to see the US to do well in the WC2010. It is my new adopted country but I will have a bit of a hard time cheering for them when playing England still

Got the same problem here Mr. Finn.
I'm English and Fulham, SWMBO is US and Fulham. It's gonna make for an interesting day.

In terms of football, I am Fulham First, England second, and the good thing is that they'll never meet!!!! That said, if we were to lose to the colonials, and Dempsey scores the winner, I would have some pride left, at least.

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Re: World Cup 2010 - USMNT
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I see a repeat of Concord Bridge. You blokes will start it & by gawd, we freedom loving, beer swilling, never say die yanks will finish it!   :dft008:

Well, we can hope..........