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Ticket needed for Saturday if poss....

Started by Chesh, September 25, 2012, 09:46:31 AM

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Hi Guys,

A mate of mine who used to post on here many moons ago (Pesch) needs a ticket on Saturday for his 14 year old son.

They moved to MK a few years ago and don't get down to the Cottage as much as they'd like, but he is down at the weekend and his son would love to go to the match (life long Fulham fan himself) .

If anyone has a spare they'd be willing to pass on at face value (preferably a child's ticket, but adult if necessary) then please reply, and I will respond when I can (busy at work today, and so will only get on fleetingly).

Thanks guys.

Made in Hammersmith (1968)


If you are only after a single ticket it may be worth trying the ticket office as they often posted matches as sold out but had odd single tickets all over the place. Worth a try anyway.


might be able to help with two adult tickets in Stevenage st, from a fellow ST holder in Milton keynes


Thanks guys, he only needs one (he can't go, but son can), and he is going to try for a single from the TO.

If necessary, I'll come back..
Made in Hammersmith (1968)


Made in Hammersmith (1968)