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Chelsea V Fulham Match Thread - Team In

Started by os5889, November 28, 2012, 06:52:16 PM

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Quote from: hesedmedia on November 28, 2012, 09:35:44 PM
Quote from: PokerMatt on November 28, 2012, 09:34:29 PM

Surely someone must have told him to do that? Doesn't strike me as one to give up an attacking opportunity to burn the clock if given his preference...

Yes, I assume they were the orders, but there's always a chance to score from a corner. I've not seen a corner turned into wasting time at 0-0 before. At least not for some time.
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Me-ate-Live, innit??

Quote from: grandad on November 28, 2012, 09:37:21 PM
A very good hard earned point. If Frei had started he would have torn them apart. Well done the lads.

Grandad he has not had much match time, hopefully on the back of this cameo he will get more time and have an impact on Saturday
Fair play to all of the lads in particular Hughes and Sidwell both had ' stormers' in my opinion  



A well earned point and a clean sheet at Fulham Broadway. I'll definitely take that!

Oh, and Benitez must stay ... at least until after the return fixture!   :scarf:


Quote from: grandad on November 28, 2012, 09:37:21 PM
A very good hard earned point. If Frei had started he would have torn them apart. Well done the lads.

:plus one: Don't know if we would have won but he is so dynamic. I forgot how fast he is - just a rocket!
Have to agree with comments about Rodallega - nearly screwed the pooch for us a few times.
I'll take the point from the scum...the fans leaving early - now that was priceless!  064.gif 064.gif 064.gif
Well we are out of the top ten... :dft006:
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Enter the Frei

Fulham manager Martin Jol: "It is pretty decent to get a point, but I feel we should l have nicked it in the second half. Our shape was good, they had a lot of pressure but we have three or four good chances - nine times out of ten we would have broken them. John Arne Riise's miss was disappointing. I told him that he should have shot across the goalkeeper and into the bottom corner. He covered 80 or 90 yards and not to score was disappointing. We had a lot of players coming back; Mahamadou Diarra was playing his first game, Gorgios Karagounis was lacking a bit of rhythm, and we leave here thinking we could have nicked it."

The man sums it up very wel. A good performance overall and to come away from Stamford Bridge with the feeling you could of nicked it is nice.


Happy with that, Kerim looked good for the 10 minso or so he was on....


Quote from: BestOfBrede on November 28, 2012, 08:49:33 PM
Bring Dejagah on for Duff and Baird for Kara! Later bring Frei on for Rod or Sidwell (who keeps losing the ball), injuries allowing of course!
The above is what I stated before half time and stick with it. God knows what some of you have been watching? Sidwell, Kara, Duff, Rodellega were poor tonight! The defence were excellent including Senderos, who most seem to blame for everything! Berba did very well holding the ball and even defending when req. Reither was possibly motm and it was great to see Diarra back who looked good, even though not fully fit. Hughes was solid and Riise was ok. Schwartz looked ok but still cannot kick the ball up the pitch to anywhere near a Fulham player! I was right about Frei.

Tooting legend

Well arent you a know it all!!!! Sidwell had a great game tonight possibly the best in a Fulham shirt.......The whole team worked so hard tonight and yes we could have nicked it.


"God knows what some of you have been watching?"  BestofBrede asked that above concerning Sidwell's performance tonight. 
What a brilliant insight into the loneliness of a viewpoint when the Man of the Match survey and the vast majority of comments on this board saw Sidwell in a completely different light. 
One has to admire the view that the rest of the world is blind and only one person sees everything clearly.
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