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Re: NFR: Gun Control
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I'm not arguing with hesed on this board anymore about guns no matter what.  However, moderator Logicalman, I'd like to reply to your last comment.  You provided a hyperlink to a Reuters story about elite Mexican soldiers who sold out to the Mexican drug cartels and have subsequently conducted grotesque and heinous acts of violence against fellow Mexicans.  One of the subheads to that article was entitled, "Heads on Pikes".  But nothing, absolutely nothing in that article provided any support for the claim that illegal foreign nationals are entering the country and murdering ordinary decent U.S. citizens, putting their heads on pikes, or otherwise.  The original salient quote in this call-and-response thread read as follows: "If I were living in the Naco region in Arizona, with cartel-backed coyotes literally skinning people and putting heads on pikes around my property,"...  Still waiting for proof of that.  Your Reuters article doesn't get there.