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Match thread vs. Swansea - stockdale starts, as do briggs, and frei

Started by Zu-Meister, December 29, 2012, 02:10:40 PM

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Bassey the warrior

Hughes needs to keep a closer eye on Graham. He's very very good off the ball.

St Eve

cottage cheese

1 point from southampton and swansea is relegation at home. We need to step it up and actually remeber how to win a game




Beers may have been involved in this post.

Bassey the warrior

Unbelievable! Stockdale cost us both goals now. Unbelievable!



This is exactly what happens to poor teams playing poorly - you don't get away with mistakes.


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You have got to be kidding me...really... :bang head:
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No forum is complete without a silly Belgian participating!

cottage cheese

is this team trying to get Jol sacked lol..seriously how can a prem team be so poor?


Awful Stockdale but then that what comes of having no Fulham first team football.

Oh well we looked really good but keep making these silly mistakes.

Sack em all.
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We may yet hear the horse talk.

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Mr Fulham

It's his first Fulham match since 2011 and he's already the scapegoat. HIS FIRST.