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...Dear anyone who is interested ;D - the Exiles and Overseas section of this site is an experiment to see if those of you in different time zones around the world want to use this section to chat and talk about all sorts of things, including Fulham whilst the UK is asleep.

We would like you to use this as a worldwide community 'room' where you can get to know each other and make your own.

Of course we want you to make a contribution onto the Friends Of Fulham message board as well.

If this works out we will keep this section going and appoint moderators to look after it (I do have to sleep at times). Please give it a try - Oh and spread the word...

Sounds good to me. Great idea!

In theory, sounds like a great idea!  Hope it works as intended and doesn't become divisive or a mud-slinging contest...

We're moderated - we'll be fine.

...OK guys, be sensible and enjoy, please spread the word whichever part of this globe you call home is.

PS: No scratching, biting, gouging, mooning and definately no raspberry blowing...

Great idea but no need for a Moderator on here. As long as you keep all those loudmouthed hot dog munching Yanks and sheep chasing Kiwis away. And you Pommy b*stards can clear off too !
Aussie, Aussie, Aussie
Oi, Oi, Oi  ;D


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