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Re: Tuesday Fulham Stuff (22/10/13)...
« Reply #40 on: October 22, 2013, 03:59:01 PM »
Andy Murray tells Pajtim Kasami ‘that’s the best individual goal I’ve seen’

The world and his wife have been falling over themselves to congratulate Pajtim Kasami for his stunning Monday-night strike.

And Kasami’s fantastic volley at Crystal Palace, which inspired Fulham to a 4-1 win after trailing early on, caught the eye of Wimbledon champion Andy Murray.

The two-time grand-slam champ, recuperating from the back surgery which keeps him out of next month’s Barclays ATP World Tour Finals, urged Kasami to ‘take a bow’.

That prompted a very polite thank you from the goalscorer – whose strike left poor Steve Sidwell’s cracker totally overlooked – before Murray responded by telling the Swiss it was the best individual goal he’d seen live.

Given that Murray never tagged Kasami in his tweet and he seems to have started following Muzza just after their exchange, we can only assume he was looking for himself on Twitter after his big night, which has provoked an ‘ah, bless’ response here at Metro Towers.