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There I said it!  ;D

...FOOTBALL...     ...FOOTBALL...

I know, it is petty, and the great Johnny Haynes in his books refers to the game as soccer, but in all my Fulham supporting life it is called football.

But in the spirit of this new section, you may refer to the sport as 's o c c e r' but don't tell anyone else...

Thanks LB! I don't think I have ever written the word 'soccer' on FoF  before, out of respect for your I just had to do it this one time. Truth be told, even in my conversations with my completely uninterested friends here in the US, I call it football and I swear they think I am some sort of elitist or something.

Don't worry Mr Ridge. I have tried educating a whole neighbourhood in Harlem, New York City about soccer/football and why it is a better sport than basketball and all I get is blank stares. And whereas they used to think I was nuts, now they know for sure. Funny thing nobody has ever messed with me (other than some minor crap). I think I have been here long enough now to earn the respect of some of the locals that you need to know. I even went to the barber shop the other day, which was absolutely hilarious. They thought I was a cop :-) 

it's all about the cutesy Brits and how they like to play with the language in a child-like way:

Christmas Presents become Chrissy Prezzies
Rugby at Twickenham becomes Ruggers at Twickers
asSOCiation football became SOCCER. It was the Brits that came up with the word, so don't get all snarky with us for slavishly following up your lead.

Rugger, Soccer. It certainly wasn't us who came up with it!


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