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updates from a small rock.
« on: May 12, 2010, 06:45:30 AM »
I posted this on the main board on Monday and was going to answer a question raised but i can't find my post so i will try again.
On Monday we on Sark celebrated the 65th anniversary of Liberation, and a good day was had by all, with a band some Chelsea pensioner and some Gurkhas all on parade with the Sark branch of the British Legion plus some members from Guernsey, we had a nice march through the village to St Peters for a service of thanksgiving, then on to the Island hall and sports field were the Lt Governor of Guernsey took the salute, then on to the fun side games and bouncy castles for the youngsters, beer and music for the rest and after the Legion lunch i went home to rest before the evening merriment.
That was the essence of my first post followed by a post script in the morning telling how  i don't remember whose house i ended up at, plus i lost Mrs tjl and my cycle along the way on getting home i found Mrs tj fast asleep and when getting up for work in the morning i wished my cycle had found it's way home as i had to walk to work.
This post had Finny and white noise enquiring if the island was still at war with some one as they thought we were, well i spent yesterday asking around because i've lost my tin hat and my musket is rusty, but gratefully i have no worries as all i could find out was that some smaller islands off Jersey are still in dispute with France since 1066 so as my longbow is broke im not to worried.
sorry this has been a convoluted post but life on the rock is never simple.