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Nice to see we're on the ball

Started by Admin, January 12, 2014, 10:09:27 AM

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Another 4-1 clumping this week, not just to anyone, but bottom of the league Sunderland. I was quietly confident about this match as the media were constantly signing their praises midweek after the United result.

Anyway, we were beyond poor again, if anything we've gone backward, so has or play, since the Spurs performances and we look dire.

Kacka's last famous words after the Hull game were "We won't let this happen again" and Parkers come out again saying "We have to put this result behind us" Yes Scotty, ready for the next 5-0 drilling by Arsenal.

Anyway, sorry for the negativity here, but I'm really one upset fan right now, we're so woeful, and we don't just get beat, we get thrashed, it's not funny anymore when you spend £100 a game, invite friends because the club put on a special, only to look stupid. I was embarrassed yesterday and hid like a child in the darkest, coldest, smelliest corner of the pub.

But, as the title says, we're really on the ball here. No more talk about funds, Khan hasn't been seen / heard of in weeks, apart from the usual transfer bull and now with the Morrison rumor put to bed, we've got nothing really lined up. I'd have thought we'd have come out the traps in January but again, we're slow, picking at the scraps like vultures.    

It's clear from yesterday we are in dire need of players, I'm not understanding why Curishley is here, there doesn't seem to be any progression, that I know of, but one thing is for sure after this game, we're definitely being geared up for relegation, not survival.

I predict that we could be bottom after the next 5 games, if not cut adrift by then.  


Curbishley I can understand to deal with the behind the scenes stuff but Ray the crab is what worries me, with the round and round game we have gone back to, coincidence? don't think so.


Quote from: epsomraver on January 12, 2014, 10:23:15 AM
Curbishley I can understand to deal with the behind the scenes stuff but Ray the crab is what worries me, with the round and round game we have gone back to, coincidence? don't think so.

My old man did say to me after the game that the side to side and back again stuff is typically Wilkins style. Yes, I'm worried. 


Agree with you Admin!! Kahn needs to start splashing the cash if he wants us to remain a premier league team!!!
People will say 'you can't spend your way out of trouble', however..... You have to put a bit of dough in...!!
Yes, fair enough Al Fayed didn't spend much in his last few years, but when he first took over the club he put an awful lot of his own cash into the team, yet what has Mr Kahn spent on the squad since his take over....??


The problem is that you get very little for massive fees in January,I cannot see us splashing the cash and everything seems to me to be geared up for relegation, the lazy poison Berba out of contract soon, Ruiz told he can go, that's the biggest earners gone. blooding of kids albeit in the cup says to me that we are looking to promote from within. As far as results go as I said on a previous thread, where is the great coaching, we have a poor side of old men, Senderos's foul for the penalty was like watching a 6 year olds match, Riise falling asleep for Johnsons goal was ridiculous. One thing that could change immediately is to STOP playing such a high line when we have no pace in the side, and if Riise gets a new contract then my money will not be spent at the cottage that is for sure, we do not need to renew the contracts of these older players. On a side note there appears to be a belief on the board that when Hangers returns all will be well, please remember he has no pace either and his pre injury form was poor.
Watching the ups and downs since 1958, wouldn't have it any other way, what a roller coaster of a club.