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De Ja Vu
« on: February 04, 2014, 11:30:02 PM »
In the 80's my dad starting taking me to watch Fulham and most of the time we used to watch in disbelief at the sh1te that was served up. Most of my school years I was ridiculed by new and old mates when they heard I supported Fulham. It always brought the same initial reaction, a disbelieving burst of laughter. I even persuaded them to come and watch a game once. 4 of us watched Fulham drably draw 0-0 and see Gordon Davies fall flat on his face when clean through in the dying minutes. Out of the mud, he even looked at the crowd and started laughing, I'll never forget that. Summed it up for me. He didn't quite laugh as hard as my mates throughout the entire game and the rest of the school term though. . .... So later this year I return to the UK to live for the first time in 10 years, with my young son in tow, and will start him on his voyage of depression from the stands and force him with relentless headlocks until he submits and becomes a supporter/prisoner. It looks like now, he too will have to put up with all the school ridicule from the no doubt new breed of Man City and Chelsea supporting kids of Kent, as it looks like over the next few years we will slip further into the abyss.
Ah well at least it will give him the footing for a good sense of humour, and with last nights attendance a benchmark of what to expect in years to come, at least we wont have to queue. Cheers Fulham.