Author Topic: Petition - Get Sunderland Deducted points...  (Read 6654 times)

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Re: Petition - Get Sunderland Deducted points...
« Reply #40 on: May 01, 2014, 11:33:02 AM »
Post on a Newcastle united forum and you'd get thousands of sign ups surely

I signed your petition, not that I want to lose points, I thought it was funny.

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Re: Petition - Get Sunderland Deducted points...
« Reply #41 on: May 01, 2014, 12:43:34 PM »
I asked this previously - can someone provide a link to the regulations, especially the penalties for those regulations, that specify what the punishments are, and whether they are mandatory or advice only.

I'm not interested in opinions, just in where I can find it.
can't see the article but it was in the sidebar of the BBC sport article.  There are two sets or rules that could have been applicable, the PL and FA, PL was used.

Found the article ( but no other reference to anything official. The artcle does say they were fined, and no points deducted, and that they gained 1 point from the 4 matches played, but doesn't provide what the punishment could have actually been.
The punishment could have included a fine, deduction of points (1 point), or replays.  I'd be happy enough playing those 4 games again

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Re: Petition - Get Sunderland Deducted points...
« Reply #42 on: May 01, 2014, 02:09:44 PM »
Okie-Dokey, after some considerable searching, reading, re-reading, misunderstanding and general madness, I found the applicable rules. You can review/download the PDF here: premier league handbook 2013 14 pdf

In an article the Daily Mail (urgh) cited rules: B14.5 and U11; According to the PL 2013/14 rule book the following applies:

Relationship between Clubs and the League:
B.14. Membership of the League shall constitute an agreement between the League and Clubs and between each Club to be bound by and comply with:
      B.14.1. the Laws of the Game;
      B.14.2. the Football Association Rules;
      B.14.3. the Articles;
      B.14.4. these Rules;
      B.14.5. the statutes and regulations of FIFA;
      B.14.6. the statutes and regulations of UEFA; and
      B.14.7. the Regulations of the Professional Football Compensation Committee, each as amended from time to time.

International Registration Transfer Certificates:
U.11. An application to register a player who last played for a club affiliated to a national association other than the Football Association shall be accompanied by written confirmation from the Football Association that an international registration transfer certificate has been issued in respect of the player

Under the Discipline section (W) the following can be applied:
Commission’s Powers:
W.53. Having heard and considered such mitigation (if any) the Commission may:
      W.53.1. reprimand the Respondent;
      W.53.2. impose upon the Respondent a fine unlimited in amount;
      W.53.3. in the case of a Respondent who is a Manager, Match Official, Official or Player, suspend him from operating as such for such period as it shall think fit;
      W.53.4. in the case of a Respondent which is a Club:
            W.53.4.1. suspend it from playing in League Matches for such period as it thinks fit;
            W.53.4.2. deduct points scored or to be scored in League Matches;
            W.53.4.3. recommend that the Board orders that a League Match be replayed;
            W.53.4.4. recommend that the League expels the Respondent from membership in accordance with the provisions of Rule B.7;

      W.53.5. order the Respondent to pay compensation unlimited in amount to any Person or to any Club (or club);
      W.53.6. cancel or refuse the registration of a Player registered or attempted to be registered in contravention of these Rules;
      W.53.7. impose upon the Respondent any combination of the foregoing or such other penalty as it shall think fit;
      W.53.8. order the Respondent to pay such sum by way of costs as it shall think fit which may include the fees and expenses of members of the Commission paid or payable under Rule W.51; and W.53.9. make such other order as it thinks fit.

My Interpretation:
The club being the respondent was liable to an unlimited fine; Payment of compensation (this is what Spammers got for the Tevez affair);Suspension from playing matches; Replay of all affected matches; Loss of points either obtained, or that can be obtained (?); Expulsion.

So, from what I can see, there was NOTHING automatic about any penalty imposition, and it was at the Commissions discretion what, if any, penalties would be imposed. I would suggest that because the club itself found what they termed an administrative error (that nobody else appeared to notice - not even the PL itself) and came forward asap, they mitigated likely punishments by that action alone.

So, I guess thats it then ....