Author Topic: Rule a line under this season and start looking forward to next  (Read 946 times)

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This has been an awful time for everyone who loves this club and it's gone on for more than this season. BUT I'm over all the negativity and am looking forward to the future. Things must change but to do so we need to rule a line under failure and get to making it good. To do this we need to look at our past failures and not repeat them but to keep looking back, slating under-performers on a really personal and IMO disgraceful manner ain't going to help no one. I am solely looking forward to our future and whatever that may be supporting this club.
    We have a huge job in keeping this club at the top end of the English leagues and insults won't do it. Good management, players and support will do so let's do that not relive what I never what to think about again. I always thought I was rather negative but reading this board has made me feel like a massive optimist. We all have our ways of dealing with disappointment and they are all as valid as each other but I want this thread (if it takes off, which my posts never do mainly down to the fact that I post them after a few when everyone else is in bed) to be positive.
    It's clear the club has made mistakes and for me lack of consistency is our problem. No one has performed but the system, personnel and management has changed so many times no organisation would have succeeded. So let's look forward to good organisation, personnel and management and stop whining about what we can't change. COYW

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Re: Rule a line under this season and start looking forward to next
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Closest explanation I can come up with is that loving Fulham is somewhat equal to being a Cubs fan. You expect to lose. Tasting the promise land for 13 years wasn't enough to overcome all the sadness that Fulham provided on its long dash to the bottom. Expecting to lose does not mean you don't love the club. It means you have felt enough pain to almost fear winning. Had the Whites pulled it out in Hamburg it might have the same effect as the Red Sox winning the series some years back. The Red Socks used to be the American League equivalent of the Cubs what with the Curse of the Bambino and not wining for 75 years. Now you talk to a Sox fan and they think their the new Yankees.

Fulham will back!  049:gif