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--- Quote from: Baszab on August 09, 2014, 06:57:38 PM ---As warned by all the senior players  from last year - Magath is clueless

--- End quote ---

ALL? No overstatement to be seen here, move along now, move along ...

Seriously, there are a few disgruntled players, and they might have a reason to be so disgruntled due to the fact the majority were let go in the twilight of their careers, and they did not exactly cover themselves in glory last season to be in a position to criticize anybody, did they?

Let a number of players that actually had a successful last season speak out, oh, that's right, it would be difficult to name a brace, wouldn't it?


--- Quote from: Woolly Mammoth on August 11, 2014, 11:43:16 AM ---It's not Fulhams players that worry me. We have an emerging young talented  that needs a little surgery here and there. What worries me is whether Fekix Magath can handle this situation. His judgements are severely floored, without going back to last season with his odd decision making. How on earth did he come to the conclusion that the promising but undercooked Dembelle was ahead of Woodrow. Roberts and Hugo, I am still getting splinters from scratching my head in disbelief. However. What worries me more, is how will he react to this disappointing result, but encouraging performance. Will he make wholesale changes. Will he put Roberts in goal and Jesse at centre back. Who knows, cause I haven't a clue, and neither does he I expect. I am grateful to him giving youth a chance and they deserve it, and he has clearly made them fitter, but he is a stubborn man and his Man management skills are questionable in conjunction with his poor Command of the English language which makes it difficult to get his point across. So time will tell how he handles this challenge. But for me his negatives out ways his positives, I hope he proves me wrong, but in the main I feel his overall judgement is mediocre, and man management skills are lacking, that is most definite. 

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Here you go ...

sound bites ..
“You see, I’m glad, I’m not very glad, but I’m glad about our performance today,” .... “It has shown, in my opinion, that we are going the right way.

“We knew before it was a very difficult game for us, a very tough game, and we expected the Ipswich team to play as they did.

“There is always the balance in the game – we have a lot of young players and our players from the youth academy aren’t used to being tackled like they were today, so they have to get used to it.

“It was a good learning session for them because the referee let things go on and so we lost some tackles and therefore, in my opinion, we lost the game.

He continued: “Not most of the time, but in many periods, especially before the first goal, we had control over the game and we were playing very well. After then we were a little bit nervous after the goal so we lost our game plan and unfortunately the second goal came too early in the second half.

“At the end, I’m glad with our performance and I think we’re on the right way, and I don’t worry about the future.”

“You will see the young players will improve,” he insisted. “I hope next week in the home game [against Millwall] we have the chance to let the young players go and you will see they will make a good game, and why shouldn’t we win?

“Everybody wants young players and now I give young players the chance to play and develop and I feel fine, and the players feel fine and are glad, and so we will go on.”

“Yeah, sure,” he stated. “The only thing I want is promotion to the Premier League. I didn’t come here to England to stay in the Championship for several years.

“I like being a manager in the Championship, for me it’s a challenge and a new situation, so I’m very glad about this situation but I don’t want to play a few years in the Championship, even though Ipswich is a nice town!”


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