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What would be a Realistic Plan for the Rest of the Season?

Started by ..FOF.., September 27, 2014, 02:33:37 AM

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I agree with Nose but I'd add that for me this season is about preparing for next season.

Those kids who seem to have the necessary potential need to be encouraged and given playing time even if they don't always impress.

We need to be clear about the areas of weakness which the kids won't cover sufficiently and identify realistic transfer targets.

Those players who will not still be here next season need to be phased out but not until we are clearly out of relegation danger and not if we go on a run that could get us to the playoffs.

I'd like to think that there are ongoing talks with those players whose contracts are ending this summer so that we know sooner rather than later whether they are in our long term plans. We won't be aware of any of this.


I know i am ever the optimist, and I have also read the stats provided on this forum about our slim to nil chances of the playoffs, but is the point of playing for midtable? I understand that no one is actually suggesting that we should just play for midtable, but more so that it is where we will reasonably be expected to finish, and we probably will. What the eternal optimist sees is plenty of points still up for grabs, and a good run of form and we are back in it charging for 6th. At least that's what helps me sleep at night :)
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Ok so I always tend to say its going to impossible to get 6th, its not, but its highly unlikely.

The table below is a fairly basic points per game (PPG) table and gives the positions relevant to games played and expected points. 26,31,36,41 and finally 46 games played.
Now I will say there is an error range and having looked at previous seasons the top half of the table actually does worse than the bottom half.
So while it shows 6th place getting 77, past records make out that it will be in the 72-74 range.

IF Fulham were to play like Bournemouth and Boro for the rest of the season and average what the best teams in the league are doing currently, we will end with 71/72 points.
So as best team in the league on form you can see we have no room for error. Fulham in red move up the league but fall short in 8th, maybe 7th place.

But like many I see this season as rebuilding, getting the youngsters 20-30 games under their belts ready for a good second half of the season and into next and off to a flyer and then promotion. Easy.


MJG, thanks for the chart and explanation. It certainly drives home how difficult this league is and how devastating our start to the season was to any hope of promotion. Saying that, with our dependence on youth (planned or forced), we would never have been ready for the PL by next season and the required spending to make us ready would have had to have been massive IMHO. Personally, I think we can get there and remain there more cheaply by being in the Championship at least another season (only one more I hope), allowing our youth to develop their game and their steal for what is, hopefully, ahead of them.

I think the remainder of this season is just going to be a rollercoaster for everyone. We'll have games where we get shellacked but, for the most part, we'll take our share of points and move into the top half of the table.

What I want from Kit for the remainder of the season and beyond is to get more consistent displays from the team, find some way to tighten up the defense, sell those players who demonstrate, in whatever way, that they don't belong with Fulham, and purchase players in required positions who have a future beyond the Championship. I hope that he also is seriously considering bringing in a coach that can work with our players on their defensive transition and organization.
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We, as a club, have been in long-term decline caused by chronic underinvestment and poor footballing decisions. Magath accelerated our malaise and brought the club to its knees. Only now are we beginning to stabilise with a young and inexperienced group of players. Hence, given the trauma of the last few years, and particularly this season, I think we need to be realistic in our goals.

I'm not ruling out a play-off push but, for now, we should take it game by game, continue to stabilise and improve, and then see where we are in April/May. In this respect, we need to be looking up the table whilst extending the gap between ourselves and the bottom teams.

So this season... 1) In January, strengthen the defence, tie down our youngsters and clear some deadwood. 2) Continue to develop the kids. 3) Push towards upper mid-table.

Then over the summer... spend intelligently and improve any areas of weakness - no more Fazlic, Chadli, Fotheringham type signings but, ideally, proven Championship talent with the potential to play at a higher level. All going well, both the squad and Kit will have a years experience under their belts by the start of next season. We will be a stronger unit with genuine play-off/title aspirations.

Andy S

Our aim has to be the play offs for this season. Whether we get there is another thing


we need immediate strengthening of both midfield and defence because of this play offs are unlikely this season.
Unfortunately I think cheap options will be taken that will cost us automatic promotion next season,  but that's mr Khans perogative.
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We also need to keep key players, last year we all  assumed our squad would remain and look what happened.

If we are going to be serious about Premiership challenges then we need to not only attract quality players but also keep them.

I would be upset if Benetelli went,  he has potential for great things. We must not be complacent and need to retain a core nucleus of talent.

Puzzled by comments about Hugo, it's been a long time since a Fulham player was shown as one of the leading scorers in the papers. He might be clumsy but his current scoring rate is good

Looking forward to 3 points Saturday


"Personally, I think we can get there and remain there more cheaply by being in the Championship at least another season (only one more I hope), allowing our youth to develop their game and their steal for what is, hopefully, ahead of them."

:plus one:

This window and the next should be aimed at building a team for the Premier League in 2016-17. With the limited assets the club has along with the relative financial advantage it gains from the parachute payments over the next 2 seasons, all of the focus should be toward that goal. This is the clubs best chance long term for a return to the Premier League.

The Rock

Ask Khan. All evidence points to maximising profits. This is not to be confused with PROMOTION. I am surprised at the Khan lovers on here, but I am not on the inside track. Let's rejuvenate this thread after the transfer window and see whether we mean business.


Thanks MJG for the chart.

It is clear now to me of our chances.

Seems like the best way to get to the playoff is that we keep on winning and everyone else just ends up in a stalemate... that would be one hell of a longrun luck :)

St Eve

It's a dliemna. We are clearly not good enough to go up and are unlikely to make the play offs. However if we don't do either our young talent will move on.


Quote from: St Eve on December 18, 2014, 03:11:05 AM
It's a dliemna. We are clearly not good enough to go up and are unlikely to make the play offs. However if we don't do either our young talent will move on.
I just dont agree with that, we will lose (as we would in any division) players. I fully expect us to sacrifice one 'young' player next summer to both raise funds to purchase new players and show others that when the time is right they can move on.
Will Hughes is a prime example of a young player staying at a club despite overtures from the PL.

I also disagree with people who talk about building for the PL. No team in championship can really do that and expect to survive. Look at Burnley, Leicester and QPR in the PL this year. You need to get promotion and then still sign at least 5 first team players to have a chnace.


All of that is true.

To succeed we need players to be better than midtable Championship but they'll all look to move on. We have to balance our playing and financial needs with demonstrating to the players that we respect their aspirations and will help them to achieve those.

If and when we get promotion we'll need to bring in suitable quality and experience to strengthen the promotion squad.