Author Topic: Louis Saha launched a startup preventing athletes from going bankrupt  (Read 960 times)

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NFL cornerback turned investment firm CEO Eugene Profit once said: "The whole idea of being invincible and 'it's never going to end' kind of makes you have a much higher propensity to take risk.”

However, their financial woes are often no fault of their own. Think Goldilocks. Athletes trust too much or too little, and this can be a problem. Numerous stars have been duped and taken advantage of by people they trusted. This was highlighted by the latest but most common exampled of NHL Columbus Blue Jackets star Jack Johnson going bankrupt due to his parents borrowing millions in his name.

This is something that former football player Louis Saha feels strongly about. Together with old friend Patrice Arnera, Saha has launched an exclusive social network for elite stars, which will redistribute ten per cent of its profit to charity organisations selected by its members and help promote philanthropy via a dedicated group.