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Cottage Talk: Where Are We Now With Fulham?

Started by Russ Goldman, November 16, 2016, 01:51:27 AM

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Russ Goldman

Hi Everyone. Co-hosts Mike Gregg and Emilio Di Nello analyzed the results in between the last two international breaks. We also answered your questions that you sent us on the Cottage Talk Facebook Page. I feel strongly that you will enjoy this episode.

Russ Goldman

Hi Everyone.

We used a conferencing service to record this episode. When you listen please let me know your thoughts on the audio quality?




I thought you sounded a lot different to usual, much lower pitched.


Sounded fine to me.
Incidentally, I can't  access the podcast with Microsoft Edge, I have to use Internet Explorer.

Bonzo the mad dog

Sound quality good, although I picked up quite a bit of criticism of Piazon, which seems odd (he is rated our 5th best player this season in Mike's poll), so perhaps I mis-heard?