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The Fugitive

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While nobody was looking I sneaked in took a photo and...they have Candy and water coolers and ...look out an American.

Hi Superbowl this Sunday who do you think ... alright they've gone. Well when it all comes down to it the old exiles are just like us normal people. Who da thought.

For Richard Kimble Lighthouse another MB another thread. Looking over his shoulder and fearing one day, he will see Inspector Gerrard. Or is he the Liverpool player?

Quick, sneak back, they will never know you were here. Take Candy is she wants to come.

Dude, you kill me! Please come back anytime.  :)

RR, where are those damned tunnels Mr. LH keeps using, eh? You never know, others might get the same idea and start coming across, and then we lose Hope and Charity, as well as Candy - whose gonna serve the drinks when that happens, eh?

I'm a former bartender...

What'll ya have?


--- Quote from: Steve_orino on February 05, 2010, 11:40:37 PM ---I'm a former bartender...

What'll ya have?

--- End quote ---

Have you got a short skirt on?


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