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Interesting insight into Chris Martin from Tom Cairney

Started by Snibbo, April 16, 2017, 08:08:14 AM

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Speaking initially about their Scotland appearances:

"'He is my roomie at Fulham, so I was especially delighted for him. He's like my dad in that he's the sensible one, with the kids at home and all that. He's quite quiet and reserved and just has an older head on his shoulders.
'He was buzzing when he came in afterwards and every player went up to congratulate him.'

Strachan is fond of describing certain players as being a 'good team-mate' and, while that's a view to which Cairney would subscribe, he is also appreciative of the work he does as an outlet for Fulham.

'I know Chris is there to score goals but he does a lot more work than people realise,' insists Cairney. 'He has a very clever brain. It doesn't sound much but his hold-up work, bringing the rest of us into play, is top-notch.
'Whenever I lift my head he is there. He is a big, strong man and it's easy to hit his feet or his chest. He's a great target man

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Neil D

It's hard to imagine that Martin has been such a noxious influence on team morale if Cairney is happy to room with him.  I do think we will miss him in the next three matches, once the appeal is rejected as it surely will be (if not extended).  The long ball option will now be denied to SJ and that will make our tactics that bit more predictable.

Mince n Tatties

Regardless of what us fans think of Martin(good or bad) he is a Fulham player at the moment and is daily involved with the other players.
None of us know what his relations are like with the players but he appears to be liked.
I don't go along with this nonsense of deliberately missing a penalty and scoring chances,that's just garbage.
If you look at our first goal at Norwich he was the first to jump up and celebrate and run towards the scorer.

toshes mate

'It's hard to imagine', I said to myself, 'any of this could really happen' after reading 13 Reasons Why.  The closer you are to anything the further you get from the bigger picture and the greater the eventual harm becomes.

[Note: 13 Reasons Why is a book by Jay Asher which has since been adapted as a thirteen part TV series about a suicide in an American high school.  If you think you understand human nature you really need to read it or watch the TV version]     

b+w geezer

Yes, that is interesting, thanks for the spot. Apparently he has not had a noxious effect on team morale.

And the reasons two experienced Championship managers have battled for him are spelled out. They are the same reasons many supporters had identified themselves, but turns out they are shared by an experienced Championship pro.

Unfortunately the implication is that he will be a loss if his red card is upheld, as opposed to -- as some would have it -- better out the way.

Andy S

I Hope Chris Martin wins his appeal we need every available option over the next few games

Citizen Smith

He's different to the forwards we've got, so his loss definitely reduces Slav's hand tactically in the run-in.


I don't think Martin acted with maturity or dignity at Christmas, but there is strong evidence that his presence and activity on the field are very much appreciated by his teammates and by his manager. 
So, he will be missed over the last games because I don't think we have a cat in hell's chance of the red card being over-turned as his arm went up and back and the player fell down.  The committee may think it harsh but they will back the referee.
Nogood "sucks it does" Boyo


I'm not at all convinced by that, the ref admits he didn't see it and relied on his lino, and I'm being told his lino is backtracking so fingers crossed as I think we are much stronger with Martin


Quote from: Thamesbank on April 16, 2017, 03:21:08 PM
I'm not at all convinced by that, the ref admits he didn't see it and relied on his lino, and I'm being told his lino is backtracking so fingers crossed as I think we are much stronger with Martin

  Hmm, interesting.  I did not know the ref admitted he hadn't seen it.
Nogood "still a tall order, isit" Boyo


Nice of our Captain to say that. Obviously written a few weeks ago after the Scotland game.
It still doesnt hide from the fact Martin has been bang average for us at best. A centre forward with one goal in the last 3 months in the league, , missed pens, red card and his general lolloping about and fluffed chances has been making Matt Smith look like Alan Shearer.
With a bit of luck I'm hoping we'll show more ambition in the summer and have a better option as a CF in place for next season.


I can see how Martin gets frustrated.
There was an incident in the first half where Cairney had the ball inside the box at an acute angle.
Martin was unmarked on the other side of the 6 yard box, with a tap in if Tom had passed but he didn't
Martin remonstrated in frustration.
If he wasn't interested he wouldn't have gesticulated like that, unless he's the Laurence Olivier of football.

I've seen him do that a lot during games, I don't know why he doesn't get a lot of those 'short passes' but
he sure seems to get frustrated when he doesn't


I though Cairney wasn't passing to him, shows what I know!!


QED -- all of those on here who believe that Martin is hurting the team and has been of no benefit to us at all, also believe that our manager is the most ignorant gaffer in the Championship.

You can't admire Joka's football or results and still think that only an idiot believes that Martin is helping Fulham. After all, Joka got rid of Smith and Cauley -- the only two alternatives to Martin that we have.

Martin's talent is limited. If it weren't, he wouldn't be playing for anyone in the Championship. He is a good all-round striker, though, and he's helped us a lot more than he's cost us. 
"As long as there is light, I will sing." -- Juana, la Cubana