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NFR - Can Anyone See This Working?
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Aston Villa owner Randy Lerner uses Cleveland Browns blueprint for Gerard Houllier appointment

Sep 5 2010

by Dean Jones, The People

GERARD HOULLIER has the NFL to thank for his chance to return to the Premier League.

Randy Lerner’s plan to name the Frenchman as his new chief at Aston Villa has been inspired by his other side across the pond, Cleveland Browns.

American owner Lerner has been caught up in a ­managerial dilemma since Martin O’Neill walked out of Villa Park five days before the start of the season.

But he was in a similar ­situation with his Cleveland side last year as the club ­suffered a difficult start. His solution was to ­appoint ­experienced Mike Holmgren as club president and ­allow him to oversee team ­operations while Eric Mangini ­continued as head coach.

The set-up has shown signs of success and Lerner fancies testing out the policy in the Premier League.

Villa have not yet decided on a formal title for Houllier but Lerner has been hugely impressed by his credentials and director of football seems his most likely position.

He would take on a similar role to Holmgren, in that he will oversee all football ­operations including scouting, transfers and contracts.

And he would also play an ­advisory role to Kevin MacDonald over team ­selection and tactics.

Lerner believes the ­expertise of Houllier, who has a vast ­array of contacts, can boost Villa’s ­profile and also improve their ability to find affordable young talent abroad.

Lerner is also known for his loyalty which is why he wants to stick with MacDonald, who would take a hands-on ­approach to team ­matters and continue to ­develop the younger home-grown players.

The management duo should also be enough to ­convince top names at Villa, including Ashley Young, that the club still have high ambitions.

Houllier, 63, has also made it clear to Lerner he is happy to work with MacDonald.

The American is still wholly committed to Villa – and will release some transfer funds once it is clear where the squad needs improving in January.

Lerner also expects the club to challenge for sixth spot this season as part of his budgeting plan in the Midlands.

Houllier is speaking with his family about the move, which could be signed and sealed by Tuesday night.

Another key element in his decision comes following the fall-out from France’s World Cup disaster.

Houllier is Les Bleus’ technical ­director and has had to take some flak.

A shake-up of the France team seems ­imminent and he realises the time may be ­perfect to take on a new challenge.

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Re: NFR - Can Anyone See This Working?
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i think it might, i'll probably get blasted for it but a great organization is a great organization either it be futball or footballif you manage a business right and yes sport is now a business, no matter how much you may dislike it. if you apply the right management it will work, bring in a winner to run your football operations and guide the organization it will work, like having a good GM in any of the major sports he can put together a solid squad that sometimes even the worst coach can turn into a competitive team, it just has to be done the right way you can't hire a matt millen but hiring a Houlier or a Holmgren  who is a certified winner they have experience and can pick the right squad.

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Re: NFR - Can Anyone See This Working?
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I'm not a Browns fan {wrong end of Ohio} but I LOVE Randy Lerner.  
He was fortunate when he bought Villa that MON was already there.  He probably did some research and decided not to rock the boat.  His approach was successful.  When he bought the Browns however, he listened to the NFL wonks and appointed Politically Correct coaching staff.  And the Browns suffered as a result.  He evidently is a smart guy and looked at what works in many pro teams paradigms and decided to put the best people he could find in the proper roles.  That's why Browns fans are coming back to his viewpoints, because he said to hell with politics, the team comes first.
So to some extent he looked at what worked with Villa and the Prem, and applied it to the Browns, first.
For the Americans, you might notice a similarity between Houllier and Sigi Schmidt.  Schmidt can put together a helluva team but after a while, things start getting stale in the locker room and little niggles become big ones.  Houllier put together a helluva team at Liverpool, but there was always some carping.  Even discounting Crybaby James' part in it.  Same with Holmgren.  He could assemble a team but keeping it 'fresh' and cancer free was another thing. Much like Bill Parcells.

I can't wait till I have the time to go see what they are saying on Villatalk. Ought to be rich in content.  Now the Villans HAVE a football man in charge of the team performance who doesn't have to deal with the politics and league/front office BS, and another 'football man' in charge of building the team and dealing with the tawdry side of scouting and negotiations.

Sorry to all you who think successful management in other sport franchises are somehow 'different' to the Prem, but you are only deluding yourselves. Each club is different but you use talent available in the best way possible.  I think he has a good chance of success, depending on how Houllier and MacDonald get along.

That is with caveats.. and consider the source{s} .. that it does happen.

Added: I just did a search and looked at VillaTalk.  The bet syndicates must thing Lerner is a cutthroat Russian or Oil Sheik.

Lerner would never raid Everton for Moyes unless Moyes breaks with them FIRST.  Likewise Hughes is not in the picture.  Also Sven is probably not in the picture because.. he is too much like Bill Parcells.

Chalk THAT up to Lerner's NFL background. 
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Re: NFR - Can Anyone See This Working?
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it seems to me that this was tried and flopped at Newcastle and Spurs. It's hardly American. It's very European.