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Anyone feel like runners up spot then?

Started by Fernhurst, October 15, 2017, 12:18:02 AM

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Incredible performance by Wolves this evening, look nailed on to win this league unless they have a mass Portuguese defection.

Honestly can't see anyone overtaking them now.
Neves, Jota and Costa absolutely different class.

We have a chance playing Villa but I think Wolves will sweep all before them.
The atmosphere's fresh and the debate lively.


Far far far too early to talk in this way. We have only just reached 1/4 of the way through the season and we're only 8 points behind them having drawn tonnes of games and been plagued with injuries. I expect us to pick up steam/wins now cairney's back and fingers crossed we keep injuries down for the rest of the season. In fonte and aboukabar Kamara I am confident with a midfield trio of Mcdonald,  Johansen and cairney we'll be a real force again. Shame Fredericks is other but thankfully we have soares coming into the fold and Odoi in scoring form.


Can I ask, did either of you witness the Wolves game?

There is no bigger supporter of Fulham FC than I but IMO Wolves are that good i witnessed the Championship winners last night.

Let's hope my eyes were deceiving me and next May I am proved wrong.
The atmosphere's fresh and the debate lively.

Andy S

Your eyes were not deceiving you but we have seen what injuries to key players can do.

Mince n Tatties

There is a long way to go,but what I will say is if they were our opponent's yesterday the way we played first half they would have gone in 5 up.
Another thing I noticed was how useless Terry was at back caught out too slow with pace going at him,we need to do the same when we play Villa.


I've been excited by the idea of Kamara vs Terry all season.


"If you're sat in row Z and the ball hits your head, that's ........."


I will start looking up the table after we have recorded a couple of home wins.

Sure we are looking good at times and with Cairney coming back there is hope of improvement.

However the hard fact of life is that a team with but one win at home from six games "aint going nowhere"


ahaha I called Wolves promotion in August while people on this board said 'These foreigners don't have the character' etc ... They looked brilliant last night


One game does not a title make. Wolves were favourites from the start of the season and have done well. But I believe this season will be  far closer than last season. One team will have a great run and play well but go through bad spells. While yesterday was a great performance by them. They were playing Villa who I believe are in a false position after a good run of results. 

Wolves will be up there somewhere but I don't seem them dominating the league.
The above IS NOT A LEGAL DOCUMENT. It is an opinion.

We may yet hear the horse talk.

I can stand my own despair but not others hope

Woolly Mammoth

At the moment we are too much of a soft touch to even consider an automatic promotion spot, and every other team knows now how to deal with our strengths which are undermined by our weaknesses.
Its not the man in the fight, it's the fight in the man.  🐘

Never forget your Roots.