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Fredericks injured

Started by Mac, October 14, 2017, 11:12:10 AM

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I hate the 'my sources' stuff but... I've got very reliable info that Fredericks was injured in training yesterday. Out for six weeks. I'm aware I'll look pretty foolish if he starts today and apologise for the false alarm if that's the case.


We are having a terrible time with injuries, Fredericks is a match winner and will be badly missed.


Let's all hope you're wrong, Mac.
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That would be bad news,who is your source?


The source is a member of the youth coaching setup. He also said how impressed everyone is by Fonte and what a player they think he'll be once he settles in a bit more. To be fair, they said the same thing about Ruiz back in the day.


Oh no not another injury. This problem is in danger of blighting our entire season.


Fredericks not in the video of players arriving. What a shame. Been a key player for us and the way we play.


Not in the squad either.
You must be right unfortunately

Neil D

Quote from: Statto on October 14, 2017, 02:45:56 PM
Unbelievable how many injuries we have, but shows our depth that decent players like Odoi can come in, he is a top full back as well
Yes but he's not Fredericks


Toe injury according to GJ. Don't think that would take 6 weeks.


Odoi is an able deputy - and scores more goals . But it defence and attack we lacked the pace of Fredericks . He will be missed

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Update on this. The injury is to his foot and he should be available for the next match or the one after that according to the manager. So not as bad as feared.
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We may yet hear the horse talk.

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Yes of course we missed Fredericks but Odoi had a great game. Good to know that Odoi is available to cover all back four positions.