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FoF6 Tipping Week 16

Started by love4ffc, December 12, 2017, 05:33:36 PM

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One James stannard

Saturday 16th December
Birmingham 1-0 QPR
Bolton 1-0 Burton Albion
Derby 1-2 Aston Villa
Ipswich 2-0 Reading
Preston 1-1 Sheff United
Cardiff City 2-1 Hull City

David Allen Crankshaw

Saturday 16 September 2017
Birmingham 2-1 QPR
Bolton 2-0 Burton Albion
Derby 1-1 Aston Villa
Ipswich 2-1 Reading
Preston 1-1 Sheff United
Cardiff City 3-1 Hull City


1-1   Birmingham v QPR
2-1   BOLTON v Burton Albion
1-0   DERBY v Aston Villa
1-1    Ipswich v Reading
1-0   PRESTON v Sheff United
3-1   CARDIFF CITY v Hull City
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Or does that not count because it doesn't fit your grouch-centric opinion?