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Eric Wynalda's wife

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Is the guy on ESPN who is always giving Dempsey grief the same guy who was having an affair with Wynalda's wife when they were teammates on the USMNT in the late 90's?

...that's the creep:-

--- Quote from: mofulham on February 05, 2010, 07:04:30 PM ---This scandal had some interesting fallout back in the States.  On a football phone-in show, Eric Wynalda (second highest alltime US internatioal goal scorer ) was asked what he thought about the Terry affair.  He then explained that before the '98 World Cup, the US captain at the time, John Harkes, had an affair with his wife.  Not only did Harkes lose the captain's armband, but he wasnt even named to the World Cup squad.  They kept this quiet for all these years, and only now do people know why Harkes didnt make the team.

The Fulham related part of this is that Harkes is now a commentator, and he is the one who always trashes Dempsey's play.

--- End quote ---

Whoa!  ...and the TRUTH...shall set you free...

What a schmuck. They really need to fire him.

This is an incredible story. Stupid John Harkes.... I never did like you.


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