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Looking for 3 policeman

Started by zoltangeraHUN, September 24, 2018, 08:40:41 AM

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Dear FFC,

Can you help me? Im a Fulham supporter since 2008 when Zoltán Gera choosed you. Im from Hungary, Budapest.

A few years ago I do a registration on the official FFC forum. I wrote an enquire about a Gera-jersey. The next day one policeman, who lived in Fulham and was a big FFC-fan asked my hungarian adress and name on the forum privately and then 2 weeks later a package arrived to my home inside a Gera-jersey and a FFC scarf.

Please, help me. Im looking for that policeman who sent me the package with his 2 policeman friends too. I dont know the names apologies me.

Can you find out who are they? On the forum or on Facebook? Please...

Thank you very much,

Lets go Cottagers!

Tamás Mészáros

Woolly Mammoth

Hello Hello Hello, looking for three members of the Constabulary. I wish you luck with finding your three policemen.
I am sorry I cannot help you.
I cannot find one policeman let alone three.
The last time I saw a policeman on our Village high street was in 2012, and then he wasn't even on duty. He was a neighbour of mine out shopping with his wife, but he did ask me the time.
But there must be somebody who will be able to help you.
Nevertheless, it will be like trying to find a strand of hay in a stack of needles.
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Good Luck with your search,sorry I can't help.I am planning a visit to Budapest in the near future.


That would be about the time the offal folded unfortunately (when FoF was created), so it will be difficult to research. I'll take a look back and see what I have in archives, but like the needle in the haystack, this would justify as a pin!
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Thanks a lot guys... i want to do an advertisement some Fulham sites, or Police Stations :)))) who can help me? :P


Quote from: zoltangeraHUN on September 26, 2018, 04:34:30 PM
Thanks a lot guys... i want to do an advertisement some Fulham sites, or Police Stations :)))) who can help me? :P
Try this forum. 
Someone there might know.
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