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Cottage Talk: View Of The Opposition - Tottenham Hotspur

Started by Russ Goldman, January 17, 2019, 06:39:27 PM

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Russ Goldman

This episode is an interview with Kevin DeVries, the host of the EPL Round Table. He is a Tottenham Hotspur supporter, so he was on the show to give the Spurs perspective on this upcoming match.  This show is our preview episode for this match.


Good episode.

I really enjoyed the Spurs' fan perspective of Fulham's squad.  Excellent breakdown of Fulham from an outsiders perspective.   Hope he's on more. (He's right...Fulham need to man mark Erickson with Chambers)

While it's easy to say...Fulham have the talent...the numbers don't back up that assumption.   Fulham have one of the youngest teams in the league, and one of the teams with the fewest EPL experiences.   So maybe non-EPL talent doesn't mean as much as people think?

1 goal per game scoring...there is no way to say Fulham are offensively talented.


Surprisingly...this episode made me less worried about Fulham ending up in the Championship next year.

I don't think Fulham has enough talent to stay up but I think Seri would be a good player in the midfield for a championship side where he has more time on the ball without being pressed by midfielders with more speed/agression than him.   Maybe I'll be proven wrong, but the season is proving such.

Oh...and I'm sick of people bringing up Seri's stats.  It's showing me just how misleading, in football, stats can be.

Good episode though.   :Haynes The Maestro:

I agree that this is probably the best chance Fulham will have of getting a point against a top five team.