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Match Commentary
« on: September 10, 2019, 03:37:23 PM »
Well here we are at the Cottage and the boys are in the famous black and white.
The team news is that Scottie in line with his recent policy of bringing in family members has decided to play one of his maiden aunts in goal due to our recent frailties in that area.  It was a close call between Auntie Nell or Auntie Elizabeth.  Nellie, Betty – Betty Nellie, whichever.
The games kicked off and the ball is with Christie over on the right.  I think he has lost his way a bit in recent weeks Jamie.  What do you think?
Well Jim, I have to agree. I was more than a little concerned when I saw him getting off the coach clutching a Texas road map of the Amerillo district. By the way, why isn't Sessegnon playing?
Family reasons I believe. Helping the police in their search.  His brother has been missing for a couple of months now.  Last seen wearing a white shirt with a chicken on the left breast.
Christie slides the ball across to Odoi.  I think that he is a really good player and although he has come into some criticism for his dangerously wayward backward passes to the keeper I do think it was out of order though of the kit man when laying out Denis' that he substituted the famous black and white for a horizontally striped red and black top and a spiky black wig.  Denis lays the ball to the bearded American. Back to Denis, back to Ream, back to Denis back to Ream.  Back to Denis back to Ream.
Jim (Yawn)
Jamie (Yawn)
Jim (Zzzzz)
Jamie (Zzzzz)
Well Jim some say that Ream is only good on paper. Is he more than that?  Oh yes Jamie , 500 times yes!  He now lays it off to Bryan, on the left.  Nice to see him back.  He's been away at Elstree starring in an autobiographical film. It is about him being our saviour this season.
Nicely done, he slides it through to our Norwegian in midfield.
Don't get me wrong Jim, I do think he is a gifted and hard working player but it is his propensity for dragging down dangerously attacking offenders that I don't like.
We'll have to disagree on that one Jamie. Joe Handson  delivers a clever ball  to Caballero on the left wing.
It's a tricky one Jim but I think you've got his name wrong.
Well it's Caballero for me. Dark, robust with a smooth sweet finish.  He pours a pass inside to Cairney.  Interesting, that according to Tom many of his silky skills he has learned from reading old books written by the Fulham Maestro himself and that piece of trickery to land the ball at the feet of  the Mighty Mitro is straight from the Haynes Instruction Manual.  How he engineered that I do not know, it was almost mechanical.
Mitro is through on goal. He's got a defender riding piggy back and a defender around each of his legs.  His down and they are now kicking lumps out of him.  Card ref., that's gotta be.
Yes, you're right Jim. His produced a yellow but his shown it to Mitro.  I have to agree though, that was quite an annoyed look Mitro directed towards his aggressors.  It could have been  a red in my book.
There's movement on the bench Jim. It looks like there bringing on AK47.  Speaking balistically there are some on the  forums who  regard him as more of a Colt but I would have to disagree on that one.
Look Jamie, there's some idiot who has invaded the pitch screaming and shouting and waving his arms about like a maniac I've never seen any one person look so angry.  Get him off, get him off.   He's a disgrace, not only to himself but  also the fans. Something has got to be done about it Jamie.  He's running haphazardly all over the pitch and now to cap it all he's booted the ball into the net.

Er, Jim. That's Knockaert!

Long silence

Wherever you are in the world whether its good morning , good evening or good night, God Bless.

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Re: Match Commentary
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You must have a lot of spare time!

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Re: Match Commentary
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“ they think it’s all over ....I hope it is now”

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Re: Match Commentary
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Can't wait for the next match, perhaps we will then get a result.